The posts below show that Christians can laugh too by offering jokes, comics, videos from different sources including Christian comedians.

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Conspiracy: How to Use the Media to Control Citizens

Maybe I’ve read Behold a Pale Horse one too many times, but the scripted news below exposed by Conan O’Brien fits nicely into a conspiracy theory. OK, confession: I haven’t read nor owned the book in over a decade. I also have not been a Free Mason in over a decade. Yet, Conspiracy theories are fascinating on many levels. I don’t really buy into conspiracies, but the amount of truth that seems sometimes found in them can be scary. For example, watching the humorous videos below from Conan showing scripted news reports is a little frightening. Sure, it is funny …keep reading »

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Video: How to Deal with Cell Phones in Church

This is a funny video on how to deal with cell phones that go off during church service. Even his these things were implemented I’m sure there would be folks who would still not turn their phones off. Enjoy!  

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The Perfect Pastor

“He preaches exactly 20 minutes and then sits down. He condemns sin but never hurts anyone’s feelings. He works from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. in every type of work from preaching to custodial service. He makes $60 per week, wears good clothes, buys good books regularly, has a nice family, drives a good car and gives $30 per week to the church. He also stands ready to contribute to every good work that comes along. He is 26 years old and has been preaching for 30 years. He is tall and short, thin and heavy-set, handsome. He has one …keep reading »


Worship Video: Keep Yo Business off Yo Facebook

Facebook has now infiltrated a local church through a praise song of sorts. The song offers a much needed warning message for Christian Facebook users. The proverbial joyful noise warned the congregation – “Keep yo business off of Facebook, Sunday you actin’ like a saint, But yo Facebook status say you ain’t, Keep yo business off of Facebook.” While it is unclear which gospel musician is going to turn this hit song into the next Grammy, I hear next week’s social media Sunday sensation will be titled – Don’t Be Tweetin’ Yo Trashtags. Whether you love or hate the song, …keep reading »


Hilarious Video: St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies

This video is by The Lutheran Satire and is described as, “The problem with using analogies to explain the Holy Trinity is that you always end up confessing some ancient heresy. Let the patron saint of the Irish show you what I’m talking about.”  


Video: Write a Worship Song in 5 Minutes or Less

I just thought this was fun.


Christian Code Language


A Blogger’s Night Before Christmas

To blog before Christmas when all through the ‘net, Watchbloggers were reading for their appetite to whet. Drafting a post to spread cheer – a Christmas song, But wait – someone on the internet might be wrong! The blog readers wonder and wait with baited breath, For the next post to be published to their RSS. That’s what he tells himself this Christmas Eve, His true presents come with the comments they leave. Hearing clatter outside, he jumped out of bed, But then thoughts of blog stats ran through his head. To check for new comments and stats he did …keep reading »


Funny Man Tim Hawkins: National Athems

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins is always good for a laugh. My wife and I saw him life earlier this year when he came to the Atlanta area. So how would The Star-Spangled Banner sound if done by Bob Marley, Neil Young, Dave Matthews and Bob Dylan? Great times!


Music Minister Fun: Hymn Sung in Various Musical Styles!

The music minister in the video below, Rob Mills, has some fun singing the hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” in various musical styles representing different musical eras. While the hymn was written in 1887 by Eli­sha A. Hoff­man, Mills begins with a 1940’s style of music and moves a decade at a time ending in one of today’s hip-hop styles. Enjoy!

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Friday Fun: Undecided Voters Video

A cartoon reflects life. Though a better title may have been ‘Partisan Voters’.

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Politicians: Promise Heaven, Deliver Hell

I shared the following illustration a couple of years ago. It is a story (author unknown) illustrating how politicians campaign for votes on promises that look nothing like what they actually deliver once elected. Thankfully, the illustration is unbiblical concerning heaven and hell. Unfortunately, the illustration reflects well on political campaigning. Read it for yourself…. While walking down the street one day a Corrupt Senator was tragically hit by a car and died . His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance. “Welcome to heaven,” says St. Peter. “Before you settle in, it seems …keep reading »

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What if All Parents Rapped Like This?

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Tapping My Way into the Freelance Writers Den

Are you ready to see me tap dance? Even I would pay to see that! Sorry to disappoint my dear readers, but that is not the kind of tapping I am talking about. I’m talking about the tap of a keyboard – that little noise the keyboard makes as I pump out prose on the digital screen. Some of the tapping is from the backspace key, but we won’t talk about that. I am moving forward with my writing – which brings me to the Freelance Writers Den. In short, the Freelance Writers Den (FWD) is a place where writers …keep reading »

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Jimmy Fallon on Tim Tebow: Comedy or Blasphemy?

Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon did a parody song by combining Tim Tebow to David Bowie and producing the singer Tebowie (Tim Tebow + David Bowie = Tebowie). Fallon sung as if a dialogue were taking place between Tim Tebow and Jesus Christ to the tune of Bowie’s song “Space Oddity” (lyrics below). Did Jimmy Fallon go too far? If you think he went too far: Tweet him that he should apologize. If you think it was just right: Tweet him that he was funny. The Lyrics Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ. (x2) Commencing fourth down, …keep reading »

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Ironic Church Sign of the Week

The above picture was taken by one of my pastors right down the road from our church building. Can you spot the irony?

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Work: A Cure for the Monday Morning Blues

When you have had one of those take-this-job-and-shove-it-days, try this. On your way home after work, stop at your pharmacy and go to the section where they have thermometers. You will need to purchase a rectal thermometer made by the Q-tip Company. Be sure that you get this brand. When you get home, lock your doors, draw the drapes, and disconnect the phone so you will not be disturbed during your therapy. Change to very comfortable clothing, such as a sweat suit and lie down on your bed. Open the package containing the thermometer, remove it, and carefully place it …keep reading »

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Church Greeting Teams and Hand Sanitizer: Good Idea?

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Will HPOA be Christianized?

The word HPOA (HOPA?) is going around the internet. Depending on who you read it either means ‘someone who is half-Japanese’ (HOPA version), ‘highly professional office assistant’ or something else that is going around the web that is more vulgar. I’m not sure if the half-Japanese reference is meant to be insulting or not. Please do not take my usage as such. It is interesting is that the more vulgar phrase

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I Write Like Who?

There is a cool new site called I Write Like which allows you to – “Check which famous writer you write like with this statistical analysis tool, which analyzes your word choice and writing style and compares them with those of the famous writers.” Many people who write desire to become better at it. I’m no different. I thought maybe this analysis tool would give some insight to my writing besides just being fun. I pasted four different articles, two on the same topic, and got the four different results listed below.

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A Sign of Judgment Day?

Someone is always predicting the end of the world. It reminds me of the chorus from that Telsa song Signs. Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

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Twitter is down! Can life go on?

At the time of this post Twitter has been down for 60 minutes. The Twitter Status site says there are site availability issues: We are experiencing site availability issues — additional latency and errors — this morning. We’re working to address these issues. A mere 60 minutes can seem like a life time for those who live online, especially, for a service like Twitter. That’s an hour of frustration and aggravation some folks will never get back. Just think of what you are missing! Now think about

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Don’t vote for Pedro!

Vote for me! Please? Join in the Southern Baptist blogger fun – click here: SBC Blog Madness 2010 and go to the West Division and vote for Here I Blog! I will really appreciate your help as I’ve got some tough competition. If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true. ~Pedro


The Homeschool Family

Another hit from Tim Hawkins… …now that’s funny!

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Life of a Watchblogger

I just couldn’t resist.  And the HT goes to Frank. It’s his fault.  Oh, there are watchbloggers covering every area of life not just Christianity. (Original source)


10 Reasons You Might Be A Watchblogger If

10 Reasons you might be a Watchblogger if… 10. You constantly Google yourself. 9. You Google your spouse’s name to try and win an argument. 8. Family devotions consist of reading your kids your recent blog posts so they can meditate on “truth.” 7. Your two-week vacation consists of taking your laptop to Starbucks to keep your blog going. 6. You have HRESY HUNTR tattooed across your knuckles, in temporary ink, of course. 5. You are glad James, in chapter one, didn’t mention “blogging” when he wrote, “quick to listen, slow to speak.” 4. You have a separate cell phone …keep reading »


Apostle Paul Shunned By Christians

A while back I wrote Could Jesus be a student at Liberty University? I took a look at some of the reprimands and fines for certain activities of Liberty students.  I ran across something along the same lines over at The Sacred Sandwich site which is a brilliantly accurate portrayal of today’s Christianity. If Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians was Published in Christianity Today Below are some snippets from the “letters to the editor.” …I have to say how appalled I am by the unchristian tone…How arrogant…it is very Pharisaical…I’ve seen other dubious articles by Paul Apostle…Certainly I commend him…the …keep reading »


A Song For A Calvinist Wife

Michael Dewalt posted a performance of the song I Think My Wife’s A Calvinist by its author Brandon Milan.  Too funny! I’ve transcribed the lyrics below and here is an mp3 download of the song.  I’m going to play it for my wife without telling her about the song. I can’t buy my wife roses She doesn’t care a thing for them Instead she likes Tulips Cause they’re approved by John Calvin She doesn’t read that Beth Moore book I bought her She’d rather read St. Augustine If she wasn’t a Baptist preacher’s daughter I think she’d be Presbyterian I …keep reading »


And If Obama Is Elected

Change! Change is what we keep hearing about that Obama will bring if elected president. I’m hoping for change too. I hope I at least to get a little change back from my income taxes due to the poor Congressional policies, unethical business practices and irresponsible consumers that led to this huge bailout. And what will happen if Obama is elected?  Steve Hays has given the correct answer below.  It’s just too good of a line to let go without honorable mention.  Especially, since Triablogue moves so fast.  To hear some people talk you might think this isn’t too far …keep reading »


Vote To Beat The Pyromaniacs!

Vote for my blog here! A friend of mine, we’ll call him Frank, has asked for votes for the Best Religion Blog, 2008 for the PyroManiacs blog. Can I get more votes than the PyroManiacs?  YES!  Is the probability very high that I do?  NO!  It could be fun though if enough people play. I did think about something though since this is an election year.  I wonder if there are enough friends and foes out there of PyroManiacs to get votes.  What I mean is that we so often hear that people vote just as much for one candidate …keep reading »


The New One Dollar Bill?

What’s wrong with George?

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A New Trend In Corporate Worship?

Just as some have tried to Christianize secular songs see what happens if the corporate world tried to secularize Christian songs. Seeker-centered for corporations. Wait, that’s just called marketing, right? Tim Hawkins is a funny guy! It’s definitely worth a laugh… Mark


Friday is for fun: Yankee or Dixie?

A friend from church sent me a test that’s described below. Yankee or Dixie? Check on your dialect and see if you might have crossed over to the “other side”! Simply click on the correct answer. As you go, the quiz will automatically interpret each answer to show you what your answer implies about you. When you are done, press Compute My Score. Your score will be calculated as a percentage: 0% is pure Yankee and 100% is pure Dixie. You can join the fun and take the quiz now! Click here to see my results! 81% (Dixie). Did you …keep reading »


Christians Laugh Too

My wife and I watched Tim Hawkins not too long ago.  He was absolutely hilarious! Among other laughs the above video clip will help men to know what NOT to say to your wife! This clip gives you a little insight about Tim leading “worship” before he was a Christian. Those are from his Full Range of Motion DVD and it’s definitely worth buying! No, I don’t get any commission, but I will gladly take some!  🙂 Mark

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Strawman Theme

This song is dedicated to all of the theological straw men written around the blogosphere. It was inspired by those very straw men along with my favorite comic book character’s theme song, Spider-Man. I hope you enjoy it. Straw-Man, Straw-Man, Burns whatever straw he can. Strikes a match, any size, Burns and deceives when he fries. Look Out! Here comes the Straw-Man. Is he wrong? Listen bud, He’s got intentional ignorance blood. Can he start with a thread? Smell the burn around your head. Hey, there! There goes the Straw-Man. In the chill of the write, At the scene he’s the crime, …keep reading »

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Become A Better Calvinist

Joel Osteen has decided to help Calvinists, especially, the ones who miss the big picture. —————————————————— Question: For Calvinists, what is your advice for how they can slow things down and find peaceful moments and smile? Answer: What Calvinists need to realize is that their predestination is the key. See, what Victoria and I have realized is that when you pronounce the word “predestination” your mouth starts to naturally form a smile. They just need to learn to hold that smile throughout the whole word, claim it and take the smile with them where ever they go. It’s that easy!  …keep reading »


Dividing Line Listeners: Math Made Easy

If you are a listener to James White’s radio show The Dividing Line and you don’t live in Arizona and aren’t good with math, time and clocks then this post is for you. As Dr. White so frequently reminds those of us who like to play with our clocks twice a year, clocks in Phoenix don’t change! So to keep up with the Dividing Line in your own time zone iGoogle makes it easy! Once you have set-up and signed into your Google account, go to iGoogle and just chose the “World Clocks” gadget. The change the settings, one clock …keep reading »


Southern Baptist Building Bridges Pic of the Week

I just want to give a quick update since I am back home and about to go to church. I will hopefully have a larger post sharing some thoughts on the conference. I talked to Ed Stetzer just before I left and he said he had all ready posted this pic, but that’s okay. He also asked why I didn’t blog the event. I had some computer and space issues. So on the back of a pick-up truck of one of the attendees who is from Texas was the picture below. I was actually driving behind this truck for several …keep reading »


Joel Osteen’s AIROST: Your Best Flight Now

Now this is too brilliant not to post here, especially, given my recent post about Joel Osteen which included his “confession”. AIROST: Your Best Flight Now This is my airplane: I am seated where I am supposed to be; I have what I’m supposed to have; I can do only what the flight attendants say I can do. Today, I will be flown above the clouds. I’ll boldly confess. My mind is alert; my heart is calm; I will never be the same. I am about to leave the leave the ground, take to the skies, and take wing on …keep reading »


Does God want you rich?

Okay, so I am taking this from Melvin Jones’ post over at and I thank him for posting it. It’s funny and sad in that it describes these prosperity preachers perfectly. Maybe I am suprised that an album like this hasn’t actually been made yet. It would go along perfectly with the whole “name it, claim it, put it on the wall and frame it” theology that goes along with most of the prosperity preachers.


Blog bites: Reformed Gangstas

Check out this rap. There are some local, metro area black reformed Christians. Mark


The McCainian Lutheran Nicene Creed

After reading Steve Hays answer to Paul McCain’s claims about Calvinism I wanted to attempt to apply his Lutheran hermeneutic to the Nicene Creed. I will use the method McCain complains that Calvinism does not use, but should. My attempt below, though tongue in cheek, should provide an interesting read and comparison. McCain’s complaint is basically that there is not enough Jesus in Calvinism. Jesus is not heard about enough. His position is, in summary “Where’s Jesus?” What if we applied this to the Nicene Creed? We believe in one God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and …keep reading »