These posts discuss politics from a Christian perspective which includes the affect certain positions may have on Christians.

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A Facebook Comment Could Render Wheaton College’s Statement of Faith Meaningless

A Facebook comment could render Wheaton College’s statement of faith meaningless if the member faculty council gets its way and the administration withdraws its efforts to fire Dr. Larycia Hawkins. I previously explained that Wheaton professor Larycia Hawkins was not suspended for wearing a hijab. Rather, she was suspended over the theological implications of stating that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. While Wheaton’s administration began the process of firing Hawkins, the faculty council disagrees potentially bringing more controversy on the school. In fact, Wheaton’s faculty council recommends the move to fire Hawkins be withdrawn. Now, Sarah Pulliam Bailey, writing for …keep reading »

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Pastor Robert Jeffress On the Paris Attacks and Radical Islam

Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Dallas, shares his view of how Christians should respond to the Paris terrorist attacks. He addresses the government’s role in protecting its citizens and how radical Islam (ISIS) should be bombed. In this short clip, it is not clear that Jeffress shares his thoughts on every aspect of the Paris attacks including its effect on the refugee crisis. Christians, per Romans 13, expect the government to seek justice on radicals like ISIS et al. Yet, caught in the middle are thousands of Syrian refugees who have been driven from their homes. These refugees …keep reading »

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Starbucks’ Terrible War on Christmas

Starbucks’ terrible war on Christmas has recently been revealed. Some guy made a video exposing this terrible war by rhetorically asking, “Do you realize that Starbucks wanted to take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups? That’s why they’re just plain red. In fact, do you realize that Starbucks isn’t allowed to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to customers?” Thankfully, he explains how to win this terrible war. Simply tell the Starbucks’ barista that your name is Merry Christmas forcing them to say your “name” out loud. This is like trying to get someone to say a sinner’s prayer and …keep reading »

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Beware: John Boehner Quotes the Bible

Many who are first to cry separation of church and state recently celebrated a visit by Pope Francis to speak at the White House. While cheers for the Pope still echoed in the air, Speaker of the House, John Boehner, announced his coming resignation. Many of Boehner’s fellow Republicans have been critical of his leadership or lack thereof. He has been equally critical of his critics even calling Presidential candidate Ted Cruz a jackass. But beware, as Boehner begins walking toward retirement, he rips conservatives in his own party again, this time by quoting the Bible. “The Bible says beware of …keep reading »

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Kim Davis is Not the Problem with Evangelical Christianity

Fellow Southern Baptist, Pastor Russell Williams, gave three reasons related to Kim Davis’ case for why Evangelical Christians are losing. He begins: Since I am a pastor of a southern Baptist church please allow me to weigh in on the case of Kim Davis, the lady in Kentucky who refuses to issue a marriage licenses to a same sex couple. I am a licensed Southern Baptist Minister which means I can legally marry people (not that this makes my position more authoritative). I simply disagree with brother Williams and do not believe Kim Davis is the problem with Evangelical Christianity.  Below …keep reading »

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Conscience Vs. Constitution: Stephanopoulos Grills Huckabee, Overlooks When Obama Ignored Constitution

Mike Huckabee was recently interviewed about Kim Davis’ jailing by George Stephanopoulos on “this Week” on ABC (video below). The interview went well for Huckabee who made some good points about law making, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution. Stephanopoulos asked a gotcha question attempting to pit Huckabee’s conscience against the Constitution while overlooking President Obama’s actions when he ignored the Constitution in favor of conscience. At about the five-minute mark, Stephanopoulos plays a clip of President John F. Kennedy discussing conscience vs. national interest. Kennedy explained that were he to face a dilemma that pitted his conscience against national interest, …keep reading »

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Hillary Replaces Jesus and President Obama Is Inserted Into a Hymn

Voices from the Heart, a women’s alternative chorus, recently changed the words for a Christian hymn replacing Jesus’ name with Hillary Clinton’s. According to a Facebook post, they sang this alternative hymn to about 1,200 people. I would understand if this were a Weird Al Yankovic tune – there would have been some creativity and humor. But these women were serious! Yep, this chorus took the African-American hymn Woke Up this Mornin’ which is about Jesus and made it about Hillary. This alternative hymn certainly comes across as Hillary worship. I wish I were surprised, but I’m not. People have been worshiping …keep reading »


When Don Lemon Does Not Understand Ryan Anderson’s Arguments for Marriage

In the above clip, CNN Anchor, Don Lemon, debates Dr. Ryan T. Anderson, Fellow at The Heritage Foundation and author of What Is Marriage?: Man and Woman: A Defense, over same-sex marriage. However, Lemon does not seem to understand Anderson’s points. Specifically, Lemon does not grasp that 1) same-sex marriage is not illegal, 2) SCOTUS is deciding on redefining marriage, and 3) children do best when with their married parents. Same-sex marriage is not illegal Anderson’s point is that two people of the same sex will not be arrested for marrying each other. The “marriage” may not be recognized, but the …keep reading »

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The Missing Cross of the Christian Right?

It is no secret that Conservative Christians sometimes blur the line between their faith and politics. At times you might think Jesus had changed the good news from believing in him to voting Republican. David Rogers recently shared some good thoughts about this topic in his post The Worst of “the Christian Right”. Rogers basically points out the wrong-headed call for Christians to put political strategies over biblical mandates. He also asks the essential question, “Where is the cross of Jesus here?” Is the cross of Christ often missing in the politics of the Christian right? Consider the quote below …keep reading »

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Duck Dynasty Rebrief: Phil Robertson Is Not My Spokesman

Below is a brief response to Trevin Wax’s article at the Gospel Coalition site titled Duck Dynasty Debrief. I am in basic agreement with most of Trevin’s piece. However, I am going to respond to a few items under the subtitle “Phil Robertson Is Not Our Spokesman.” If you have not heard of Duck Dynasty you probably have not been to Kroger, Walmart, social media, or almost anywhere on the internet in the last month or so. The Duck Dynasty brand is showing up on various products including candy, motor oil, bedding, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. Seeing the brand everywhere is …keep reading »

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What You Believe About Homosexuality Matters

One United Methodist Youth Pastor, Tyler Smither, stated his position that What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter. He wrote the article in light of the recent Phil Robertson GQ interview and  Frank Schaefer’s defrocking over performing his son’s same-sex marriage. Smither is wrong that it does not matter what someone believes about homosexuality. The importance of what is believed on the subject is easily seen, for example, by how it divides each side, both for and against. The big issue Smither raises is the one he uses  as the reason why one’s position on homosexuality does not matter. He asserts that calling homosexuality …keep reading »

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GLAAD Spins Louisiana Poll Claiming Robertson Family Out of Touch

In light of the recent controversy staring Phil Robertson and A&E, GLAAD ( Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), is claiming Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family is out of touch with their fellow Louisiana citizens. GLAAD quickly spoke out against Robertson’s comments from his GQ interview. Now the the group is inaccurately using a Louisiana poll against the Robertson’s. Their headline reads Vast majority of Louisianans support LGBT legal protections. The author, Alexandra Bolles, cites a recent Louisiana poll stating that: Despite Robertson attempting to pass off his anti-LGBT sentiments as objective and theologically-rooted, it seems that the people of Louisiana would beg to differ. How, exactly, …keep reading »

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AETV not Happy, Happy, Happy with Phil Robertson

Christian free speech is under attack again – this time from the A&E television network. A&E has suspended Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson for comments he made on homosexuality in the GQ interview “What the Duck?” Ironically, A&E’s current theme is “Be Original,” yet they shut down Robertson for not conforming. Granted, Robertson’s ideas, in a sense, are not exactly original since the started with God. While I do not fully agree with Duck Dynasty theology, we certainly agree that God created Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, as the proper order of marital and sexual relations – in that order. Of course, …keep reading »

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Preach Us a Sermon

Preach us a sermon, Preacher, But don’t preach very long; Just tell the story of Christ’s love, But don’t condemn the wrong. Say not a thing of doctrines false, Lest others be offended. Then they’d turn away from us, And call us narrow-minded. Preach us a sermon, Preacher, But don’t preach very plain; Let others guess at what you mean; Don’t ever call a name; We’ll sing your praises loud and long, And keep you many a day, But make it clear, and you will hear, “Brother, be on your way.” Preach us a sermon, Preacher, But say nothing of …keep reading »

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Trueman on Christian Celebrity Culture

Carl Trueman writes about the recent dust up between Janet Mefferd and Mark Driscoll in If the Top Men take over, who will ask the hard questions? He touches on the pass that celebrity Christians often seem to get versus that of ordinary Christians. Trueman points out that “celebrity culture” has “corrupted the young, restless and reformed movement.” However, such an infection goes beyond the YRR movement, as I can personally attest to as a Southern Baptist who received threats over a recent article. Ironically, I know a few men who would probably be considered celebrity Christians in certain areas of …keep reading »

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Creating Persecution: Bus Driver Pastor Fired for Praying with Students

The StarTribune is reporting that a Pastor loses bus driving job for praying with students in Burnsville, Minnesota. George Nathaniel, a bus driver and pastor, was fired for praying with students on his bus after being warned not to. When I read the story I thought – why create this kind of controversy or persecution? Granted, the news report Mr. Nathaniel complained of persecution over his firing. Yet, this is certainly a controversy that could have been avoided. The StarTribune reports the termination letter stated: “There have been more complaints of religious material on the bus as well as other complaints regarding performance. In accordance …keep reading »

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Warren Cole Smith and Pete Kaliner Discuss Steven Furtick’s $1.7 Million Mansion

Warren Cole Smith was on the Pete Kaliner Show discussing the recent controversy over N.C. Pastor Steven Furtick, of Elevation Church, spending $1.7 million to build his new 16,000 square-foot mansion. Smith and Kaliner begin the show talking about pastors’ salaries in light of accountability, transparency, and living sacrificially. Kaliner brings up Furtick’s answer to critics that he makes his money from book sales and conferences. And that Furtick and his board of advisers speak at each other’s conferences and events promoting each other.Smith argues that the church is what gave pastors like Furtick their platform for success. He then points to …keep reading »

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Liverpool Care Pathway, Obamacare, and Death Panels

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare as some call it, is in the process of being implemented in the United States. As the ACA moves forward concerns over death panels have increased. Some dispute whether or not death panels truly exist in the ACA. Yet, even some Democrats are concerned: ObamaCare ‘death panel’ faces growing opposition from Democrats. The issue is that someone outside the family – bureaucrats – would have the power to make life and death decisions. Will the ACA be similar to The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) healthcare program in the United Kingdom?  The LCP gives power to health …keep reading »

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Why Calvinist Al Mohler Wrote the Preface for Paige Patterson’s Anabaptist Festschrift

Sometime last year was a report that B&H Academic was going to publish a festschrift in honor of Paige Patterson. The festschrift is now available. Edited by Malcolm Yarnell, professor of systematic theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, the book is entitled, The Anabaptists and Contemporary Baptists: Restoring New Testament Christianity, Essays in Honor of Paige Patterson. Some may wonder who would endorse such a book given the eternal theological in-fighting among Southern Baptists – I know I did! Well, inside the cover you will find endorsements from Calvinist Michael Haykin to the Calvinstic Daniel Akin and Russell Moore to Mennonites John Rempel and John …keep reading »

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Always Remember

I will always remember the September 11, 2001 attacks (9/11) that took place 12 years ago today. I will always remember the big screen TV I was watching in my office as the attacks were happening. I shared this information in 2011 in Never Forget. A lot has happened in the United States in the past 12 years since 9/11. That attack united Americans – for a short time anyway. No doubt we will express feelings that we are again united on this anniversary of the attacks. During our time of mourning and recovery, religions that do not go together …keep reading »

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Praying to the Abortion God

When the battle over the separation of church and state rears its ugly head, it is normally Democrats who are attempting to keep the church  from participating in state issues. At times, the fight is to remove prayer from political gatherings. Given the types of prayers recently promoted by some Democrats in Iowa, it is easy to understand why some want the church separated from the state. Why? Seems some Democrats and pro-abortion activists have their own god to pray to! The prayers in the video may not be clear enough to understand. Let me help. (HT: Robert Laurie) “We …keep reading »

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Extra: Martin Luther King Uninvited from Own Event!

The above headline is not beyond imagination were Martin Luther King, Jr. alive and scheduled to appear at a recent event from which gospel singer Donnie McClurkin was uninvited. McClurkin was set to appear at a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial concert, but was uninvited over his views on homosexuality. What I will show below is that McClurkin and King have similar views on homosexuality. And if McClurkin was uninvited there is good reason to believe that King would also have been uninvited. Ironically, McClurkin is a former homosexual who was delivered from the curse of homosexuality. I understand that …keep reading »

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Why Christian Lawsuits?

So if you have such cases, why do you lay them before those who have no standing in the church? I say this to your shame. Can it be that there is no one among you wise enough to settle a dispute between the brothers, but brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbelievers? To have lawsuits at all with one another is already a defeat for you. Why not rather suffer wrong? Why not rather be defrauded? But you yourselves wrong and defraud—even your own brothers! (1 Corinthians 6:4-8, ESV) Why are Christians suing, or threatening so …keep reading »

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How Racist Are Americans?

The verdict in the George Zimmerman trial has given Americans a view of the racial division and sensitivity that exists in this country. There is no question that racism exists in America, but many have wondered just how deep that racism runs. The question, “How racist are Americans?” may be difficult to answer accurately. However, we can get an idea of how racist Americans are perceive to be by one another. Rasmussen Reports provides such a perception in More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites, Hispanics. Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American Adults think most black Americans are racist, according …keep reading »

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I Am Not Proud To Be An American

Today is July 4, 2013 – American Independence Day. And I say Happy Independence Day, but I am not proud to be an American. I did not choose to be born in America. In fact, I had no choice in the matter. Therefore, I find is hard to raise the flag of pride for something I had no hand in. However, I understand Americans are a proud people. We united around pride after the attacks on 9/11 for a time – a short time. The power of pride to unite Americans was short-lived. The sword of pride cuts off others …keep reading »

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Christianity: the New Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

Could Christianity become the new don’t ask, don’t tell in the U.S. Military? If what Todd Starnes reports in Obama ‘Strongly Objects’ to Religious Liberty Amendment is true, the answer is – yes! Starnes gives the following sample list of “Christian service members and chaplains being punished for their faith.” The Air Force censored a video created by a chaplain because it include the word “God.” The Air Force feared the word might offend Muslims and atheists. A service member received a “severe and possibly career-ending reprimand” for expressing his faith’s religious position about homosexuality in a personal religious blog. …keep reading »

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Baptists, Boy Scouts, & Homosexuality

Many Southern Baptists have decided to cut ties with the Boy Scouts of American since the Boy Scouts have officially welcomed openly homosexual scouts beginning 2014. Cutting ties over homosexuality is understandable, but ignores the larger, overlooked gospel issue of pluralism. Southern Baptists (I am one) passed a resolution in 1992 supporting the Boy Scouts for their “refusal to allow homosexuals as Scout leaders and its commitment to maintain references to God within its oath and literature.” As far as I know, these are still the Boy Scouts’ positions. Of course, they folded on allowing openly gay scouts (not leaders) …keep reading »

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Who is Causing Americans to Lose Their Religious Influence?

On May 29, 2013, Gallup released the results of a poll concluding that Most Americans Say Religion Is Losing Influence in U.S. One question from the poll asks: At the present time, do you think religion as a whole is increasing its influence on American life or losing its influence? The results were that 77% affirm religion is losing its influence on Americans. Another question asks: If more Americans were religious, would that be positive or negative for American society? The answer was that  75% of Americans believe more religion would be positive for America. So, there is a 2% …keep reading »

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When Tolerance Attacks

While thinking about tolerance I decided to poke around online. I found the incredible video embedded below. It’s incredible in the sense that it is hard to believe how awful the  American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) volunteers were treated by same-sex marriage advocates. The video is ironically titled – Attacked By “Tolerance”. I don’t know much about the TFP group, but they appear to be Roman Catholic. As a Protestant, I tolerate TFP’s theology while standing with them on marriage and family (best I can tell). But what is shown in the video is clearly …keep reading »

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Instant Tweet Resources to End the Gosnell Media Blackout!

Why was I invited to the Facebook event Break the Gosnell Media Blackout – TweetFest Public? First, the event page provides the following background on Gosnell. Kermit Gosnell is currently standing trial on 7 counts of first degree murder for killing newborn babies delivered during abortions. Gosnell has also been charged with one count of third degree murder for the overdose death of his abortion patient, Karnamaya Mongar. If convicted, Gosnell could face the death penalty. The problem is the main stream media seems to be avoiding the case. So, let’s get #Gosnell trending on twitter. I’ve taken the suggested …keep reading »

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The Starbucks CEO, a Shareholder, Same-Sex Marriage and Grande Lies

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was recently alleged to have said that he does not want business from those who oppose same-sex marriage and support traditional marriage. But did Schultz really say that or is someone passing out grande lies? Let’s briefly consider what Schultz allegedly said on gay marriage and investing in Starbucks, what he actually said, and why the shareholder is still invested in Starbucks. The Allegations. A shareholder noted that Starbucks sales and earning were disappointing the quarter after the National Organization for Marriage boycotted them for supporting same-sex marriage. Howard Schultz is alleged to have answered the …keep reading »


Blog Brief: The Golden Rule and Same-Sex Marriage

According to President Obama the Golden Rule was his reason supporting same-sex marriage. Is this a justified position from a Christian perspective as Obama posits? I don’t think so. Ed Stetzer wrote a piece on the latest research that, sadly, 64% of Americans believe legalization of same-sex marriage is inevitable. Stetzer reminded us of Obama’s Golden Rule comment. What Obama actually said was quoted in a 2010 USA Today article. The President stated that he and Mrs. Obama are: both practicing Christians and obviously [same-sex marriage] may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others but, …keep reading »


Another Ban on Christian Prayer

Nick Provenza at The Seattle Times reports that praying in the name of Jesus Christ is no longer allowed at Longview City Council invocations. The ban was enacted due to a atheist’s complaint. LONGVIEW (AP) — Ministers should refrain from invoking Jesus Christ in invocations for City Council meetings, Longview Mayor Don Jensen said. Jensen told the Kelso-Longview Ministerial Association last month that such prayers were not acceptable because they could expose the city to a lawsuit, The Daily News reported Tuesday. “It’s not my choice to stop this, but I don’t know how we can put our citizens at jeopardy …keep reading »


Video: Pastor Jeffress Speaks on Tim Tebow Controversy

Toward the end of the video Pastor Jeffress names several Evangelicals who have supported him during the controversy of Tim Tebow’s scheduled speaking appearance and abrupt cancellation. He then comments about those men who stood with him. “I am grateful for men of God like these who are willing to stand up and act like men rather than wimping out when it gets a little controversial and an inconvenient thing to stand for the truth. God bless men like that.” Now, there are some people who would say, “Well, God’s given me a different ministry. God has calle me to …keep reading »

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Note to Christians: Tip Well or Don’t Eat!

Of course, the story of “pastor” Alois Bell scratching out the 18% mandatory tip on the receipt and writing in “I give God 10% why do you get 18?” is all over the internet now. I first learned of the story when my friend Marty wrote “An open letter to a fired waitress: I’m sorry we are so stingy.” Bell has explained herself in an interview (see below). One waitress, who did not wait on Bell, posted an image of the receipt on the atheism section of reddit which set off the current viral firestorm. Bell left out of her …keep reading »


Is Mark Driscoll (@PastorMark) Right on President Obama?

On the day of President Obama’s inauguration, Mark Driscoll sent out the tweet below. There was mixed reaction to the tweet. A lot of people agree with Driscoll and a lot disagree – probably, much like the divide in the country. Regardless of personal feelings, is Driscoll right biblically in his comments on Obama? Why or why not? Praying for our president, who today will place his hand on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know. — Mark Driscoll (@PastorMark) January 21, 2013


Vigilante Muslims Enforcing Sharia Law in London

Below is a video shot by some vigilante Muslims in London trying to enforce Sharia Law in what they are calling a “Muslim area.” Will we soon see something like this in America?


When a Good Guy Writes an Inconsistent Blog Post

I love Tim Challies. That is, as a Christian brother. In fact, I hope to say hello to him this month at the G3 Conference as he travels to my neck of the woods. Last time I saw him was at the 2010 Band of Bloggers gathering. We stood next to each other talking to different people and did not get to meet. Anyway, Challies is a good guy. He has even been gracious enough to help me get votes the last two years for the Blogging Scholarship. I’m letting you know up front that I have nothing against him. …keep reading »

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Sadly, Giglio Withdraws from President Obama’s Inauguration

Jonathan Capehart is joyfully reporting at the Washington Post that Louie Giglio has withdrawn from President Obama’ inauguration.1 Just yesterday I defended Giglio from an attack by a Liberal at HuffPo. So I post with sadness that Giglio has removed himself from Obama’s inauguration. I know Christians are divided (what’s new?) over whether or not an Evangelical should participate in an event like the Presidential Inauguration. However, many of us saw Giglio giving the benediction as a great gospel opportunity. Maybe another Evangelical will replace him who is also not ashamed of the gospel. The full text of Giglio’s reasoning …keep reading »


Intolerant Liberal Targets Louie Giglio

The liberal attacks against Louie Giglio are already starting.  Paul Brandeis Raushenbush at the Huffington Post goes after Giglio in his article “Obama, Inaugural Prayers and the Evangelicals Who Don’t Like Him.”1 As I’ve previously noted, Giglio has accepted President Obama’s invitation to give the benediction at his inauguration. Giglio is a Conservative, Evangelical Christian and some liberals like Raushenbush are not happy with the President’s choice of Giglio. Below I will quote and comment on the pertinent part of Raushenbush’s article showing his misrepresentation, inconsistency and political broad brushing. Rev. Louie Giglio, the conservative evangelical pastor of Passion City Church …keep reading »


Louie Giglio to Give Benediction at President Obama’s Inauguration

The Hill is reporting the that civil-rights activist Myrlie Evers-Williams and Evangelical pastor Louie Giglio will participate in President Obama’s 2013 inauguration.1 Evers-Williams will give the invocation and Giglio is set to give the benediction. The last Evangelical to participate in Obama’s inauguration was Rick Warren of which I shared some thoughts at the time. (See: Apostle Paul On Inauguration Day) It’s interesting that Giglio is not only Evangelical, but also a Calvinist. I am glad, yet cautiously optimistic about Giglio’s participation. Events like the President’s inauguration tend to be highly ecumenical. Surely, Giglio will carefully choose his words while facing …keep reading »

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If Government Mandates Prayer in Public Schools

In light of the tragic Sandy Hook massacre, one of the reasons given for such incidents is that God has been kicked out of public schools. One argument for inviting God back into public schools is to reinstate prayer. I am not arguing whether reinstating government mandated prayer is right or wrong. But I am wondering something…. If government mandates prayer in public schools who faith will lead the prayers – a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddhist , a Sikh, a Jehovah’s Witness, a Mormon or a Christian? Which prayer would please God and actually invite Him into …keep reading »


Because We have a Black President?

Sometimes while driving to the office I flip the radio over to local, liberal, black radio on am 1390 WAOK and listen to Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White. This morning was one of those times. I heard an amazing assertion by a Christian caller whose politics got in the way of reasoning. As I turned to the station to 1390, a man called in who quoted Genesis 1:26 asserting that it taught there is more than one God. Host White rightfully corrected him and gave an analogy defending the Trinity. The next caller also corrected the man by defending the Trinity. …keep reading »


After Nearly 60 Years Nativity Scene Denied in Park

Funny, the actual Federal American holiday is Christmas, but some don’t want a Nativity scene displayed about the holiday. Maybe some Christians can take turns standing in the display spots and sharing the gospel via the Christmas story to passersby.


A Christian Politician, What If?

The U.S. presidential election is over. Many American Christians believe that we had to choose between two not-so-great candidates. We argued over what kind of person for whom a Christian should or should not and could or could not vote. When is the last time America had a solid Christian presidential candidate? What would such a candidate look like? Pulling together a few Scripture verses instructing Christians on how they ought to live their lives – I thought, what if? Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you …keep reading »


Election Thoughts: Christians Live Among Evil Choices

During this 2012 Presidential election cycle many Christians feel they are left with only two voting choices: a liberal, professing Christian and a non-Christian, Mormon. Therefore, many Christians feel they are left with a choice to vote for the lesser of two evils. Other Christians will not vote at all or choose a third party candidate effectively giving their vote to one party or the other. The overlooked issue? Christians often daily choose between the lesser of evils. Even though Christians often choose between the lesser of evils it seems that this dilemma only matters during Presidential election time. Two …keep reading »


Did Mike Huckabee Warn that Voting for Obama Will Send You to Hell?

The following video narrated by Mike Huckabee is called “Test of Fire.” The video challenges Christian voters in the 2012 Presidential election. Some are claiming that Huckabee is assigning those who vote for Obama to hell. What did Huckabee just say? Again, at about 42 seconds he states: Christians across the nation will have an opportunity to shape the future for our generation and generations to come. Many issues are at stake, but some issues are not negotiable: The right to life from conception to natural death. Marriage should be reinforced, not redefined. It is an egregious violation of our …keep reading »


Are All Black People Going to Hell?

Imagine if I or any white Christian stood up in front of a group of people in a church building and said, “All black people are going to hell!” Can you imagine the standing ovation with thundering applause that would follow? Yeah, me neither. In fact, if any Christian said such a thing I would expect lots of deserved public and private rebuke. So, when 91 year old, Civil Rights icon, Joseph Lowery recently said that all white people are going to hell1 – I would hope for the same type of rebuke. Lowery is a professing Christian, a United …keep reading »


Christians Should Cherish the Opportunity to Vote

For the Christian, involvement in the political realm is as mandatory as involvement in the other ordained institutions of God. If “righteousness exalteth a nation” (Proverbs 14:34), then the righteous must be involved. It is through godly influence of righteous citizens that a city prospers (Proverbs 11:11). The Creator of heaven and earth is also the Creator of social institutions, and He wants His people involved in these institutions. He wants us to bring Him honor and glory by our involvement. A classic example of such involvement is provided by the Apostle Paul, who was not ashamed to be a …keep reading »

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God’s Sovereignty and Voting

A heated Presidential election is upon the consciences of many Americans. It is time to vote. Many will vote and some will abstain. Only one of the two main candidates will win. How does a Christian react if their candidate loses? How is a Christian comforted when voting – as many believe – for the lesser of two evils? As with all of life Christians trust in God. The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the LORD. (Proverbs 16:1 ESV) What of the lesser evil? What if the lesser evil turns …keep reading »

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I was Almost Born this Way

It was a nice warm day like most days. I’m not sure if the sun was out or not. I have not actually experienced the warm glow of the sun – yet. I looked forward to it though. I heard so many things from the outside. I could only guess what they were. I looked forward to them all. Oh, I yearned to experience a life filled with love. I just knew that life was coming soon with the way you cared for me and fed me. I was so warm and comfortable all the time on the inside. I …keep reading »

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Illustrated: 5 Reasons a Baby is Not Part of a Woman’s Body

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Presidential Debate Wordles


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Heroes in Black and White: Precious Puritans Vs. Martin Luther King Jr.

Christians are not immune to racial, cultural, or theological bias and blindness. Those types of bias and blindness may be more apparent in Christendom for the Puritans and Martin Luther King, Jr. – cultural and theological heroes to many Christians. Precious Dust Up The dust up over Christian rapper Propaganda’s lyrics in his song “Precious Puritans” recently brought some of these issues to the surface. Propaganda charged the Puritans, broadly defined, with certain racial moral failures charging white privilege against some pastors who quote the Puritans. Some Christians argued that Propaganda defined the Puritans too broadly and unfairly charged them. …keep reading »


Will the Southern Baptist Convention Dissipate in the Smoke of Reformed Theology?

“Shall the Southern Baptist Convention which was born in the fires of evangelism dissipate in the smoke of Reformed Theology?” Southern Baptist Pastor Steve Brumbelow asks.1 This question was stated in an letter sent to discourage Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) trustees from approving presidential candidate Dr. Jason Allen. However, Brumbelow’s assuming question is historically inaccurate. Union University president David Dockery notes the strong presence of Calvinistic (Reformed) theology at the birth of the Southern Baptist Convention. At the founding of the Southern Baptist Convention in May 1845, it would have been difficult to find leaders who were not Calvinistic in their …keep reading »


Does Dr. Jason Allen Meet Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Presidential Profile?

The Baptist Press reported that Dr. Jason K. Allen was chosen as the nominee to be Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s next president,1 but does he meet their ‘Presidential Profile’? While questions have been raised about Allen’s qualifications, questions have also been raised about Allen’s theology and the Midwestern Trustees’ silence on their vetting process. Below I will briefly comment on the Presidential Profile, trustee silence and Allen’s theology. The Presidential Profile Midwestern’s website lists the “Key Responsibilities of the Next President” with the following major points which conclude with their ‘Desired Qualifications’.2 Spiritual Leadership Institutional Leadership Fundraising/Enrollment Leadership Academic and …keep reading »


John Newton: Christians, True Patriotism and Government Involvement

John Newton (1725 – 1807), well-known for penning the hymn “Amazing Grace,” wrote a letter to a friend giving his views on Christian involvement in government affairs. Newton briefly defines true patriotism from a Christian perspective. Would Newton title his position today as – Gospel-Centered Patriotism? Dear friend, Allow me to say, that it excites both my wonder and concern, that a Christian minister such as yourself, should think it worth his while to attempt political reforms. When I look around upon the present state of the nation, such an attempt appears to me, to be no less vain and foolish, …keep reading »


Freedom From Religion Foundation Shuts Down High School Football Game Prayer

Haralson County High School has been praying before football games for 50 years. Frank and Sarah McIntyre, parents of a Haralson County football player, complained that the prayer was unconstitutional. The McIntyre’s, who claim they are not atheists, were surprised that a larger than usual crowd attended the football game after prayer was removed. TALLAPOOSA, GA (CBS ATLANTA) – For more than 50 years the Haralson County High School Rebels have been praying before football games over their public announcement system. For the first time since the prayers began all those years ago, the loud speaker was silenced. In their first …keep reading »

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Friday Fun: Undecided Voters Video

A cartoon reflects life. Though a better title may have been ‘Partisan Voters’.

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Politicians: Promise Heaven, Deliver Hell

I shared the following illustration a couple of years ago. It is a story (author unknown) illustrating how politicians campaign for votes on promises that look nothing like what they actually deliver once elected. Thankfully, the illustration is unbiblical concerning heaven and hell. Unfortunately, the illustration reflects well on political campaigning. Read it for yourself…. While walking down the street one day a Corrupt Senator was tragically hit by a car and died . His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance. “Welcome to heaven,” says St. Peter. “Before you settle in, it seems …keep reading »


SBC Plodder Featured in Forbes on Clergy Housing Allowance

Forbes contributor Peter J. Reilly enlists the writings of retired Southern Baptist pastor and blogger William Thornton, a.k.a. SBC Plodder, in his article Southern Baptists Against Clergy Tax Abuse. Reilly begins: Southern Baptists Against Clergy Tax Abuse (SBACTA)  is not a real organization.  I just made it up.  There is no question, though, that if it did exist who its spokesman would be.  The Reverend William Thornton who blogs on Southern Baptist Convention issues under the title SBC Plodder is the man.  I have been following his blog for sometime now.  He has gotten me hooked on the conflict in the …keep reading »

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Celebrate Labor Day: Work to Rest

The first Labor Day was celebrated Tuesday, September 5, 1882. However, it was not until 1894 that Congress made Labor Day a legal holiday on the first Monday of every September. Over 100 years have passed since the first Labor Day and the United States is still celebrating. It is tough to imagine much celebration in parts of America with the official unemployment rate charting over 8%. Celebrating Labor Day when there has been no labor to celebrate might seem ironic. Americans, however, have always been a resilient people who fight to recover and restore what has been lost. Even …keep reading »

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Do Christians Pray for Barack Obama’s Death and Spiritual Disembowelment?

Walter Rhett at the Democrats for Progress website claims that some Christians are wrongly using Psalm 109:8 to pray against President Obama.1 Is there something unbiblical about praying Psalm 109:8 for Obama which states (ESV), “May his days be few; may another take his office!”? That verse alone does not seem problematic to pray for someone whom a Christian deems as a poor leader for the country. However, Rhett paints a wider picture in his criticism by noting the context of verse 8 as if one must pray verses 7 – 15 also. When he is tried, let him come …keep reading »

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An Observation: If Gay is the New Black

Some who fight for the acceptance and legalization of same-sex marriage not only attempt to redefine marriage, but frame the topic as a civil rights issue. One of the more persuasive arguments for same-sex marriage is to contend that the issue is conceptually/ideologically the same as black Americans’ fight for civil rights. In other words – gay is the new black. Brother Voddie Baucham recently penned the article – Gay is Not the New Black.1 Bauchman begins with the following statements concerning same-sex marriage and civil rights. The idea that same-sex “marriage” is the next leg in the civil rights …keep reading »

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Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Photos

I enjoyed a Chick-fil-A #2 combo today for lunch on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. By the time I was able to get lunch it was 2 pm; Chick-fil-A was packed! I asked the young lady who took my order how long the place has been this busy. She replied, “Since 11.” Inside the restaurant was shoulder to shoulder and a police officer was directing the two drive-thru lines. There was even a lone protester outside walking back and forth on the sidewalk carrying a little boycott sign and a rainbow flag. So I snapped a few photos with my trusty iPhone …keep reading »

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“Zombie Muhammad” and U.S. Sharia Law

In October 2011, atheist Ernest Perce dressed in a Zombie Muhammad costume for a Halloween parade. Perce was attacked by Muslim Talaag Elbayomy for wearing the Muhammad costume. Perce and Elbayomy went to court in Pennsylvania over the situation and a Judge Mark Martin ruled in favor of the Muslim, Elbayomy. What did the judge say during his ruling? And Mr. Thomas [Elbayomi’s defense lawyer] is correct. In many other Muslim speaking countries – excuse me, in many Arabic speaking countries – call it “Muslim” – something like this is definitely against the law there. In their society, in fact, …keep reading »

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Whither the Baptist Faith and Message?

In recent years, two Southern Baptist Churches in Georgia have been disfellowshipped due to having a female pastor. While some may question disfellowshipping a church over such an issue, having  a female pastor is in direct violation of the statement of faith around which Southern Baptists cooperate in ministry. The action is based on a vote by the convention in November 2000 affirming the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message as the state body’s doctrinal statement. The document includes the phrase, “While both men and women are gifted for service in the church, the office of pastor is limited to men …keep reading »

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Franklin Graham on President Obama’s Christianity

Below is a one minute clip cut from a longer interview (see below) where Franklin Graham is asked whether or not he believes President Obama is a Christian. Check it out. The MSNBC hosts call Graham out for inconsistent answers. On the one hand, Graham will not definitively say whether or not he believes Obama is a Christian, but leaves the question for Obama to answer. On the other hand, Graham has no problem believing that Rick Santorum is a Christian. However, the above clip does not tell the whole story. In the actual interview Graham says the following. [Obama] has …keep reading »

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Happy Veterans Day 2011

Those who live today remember those who do not. Those who know freedom remember today those who gave up life for freedom. Today, in honor of the dead, we conduct ceremonies. We lay wreaths. We speak words of tribute. And in our memories, in our hearts, we hold them close to us still. Yet we also know, even as their families knew when they last looked upon them, that they can never be fully ours again, that they belong now to God and to that for which they so selflessly made a final and eternal act of devotion. We could …keep reading »

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An Interesting Occupy Wall Street Exchange

Peter Schiff, CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., engaged some of the Occupy Wall Street protesters at Zuccotti Park. Or maybe it should be said that he attempted to engage them. Schiff asked questions to about their cause trying to find out what would satisfy some of the protesters. His questions were straight forward, but the answers were not. Amazing!

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Hating Viki Knox: A Missed Opportunity in First Amendment Rights

Viki Knox, a Union Township New Jersey high school teacher, was recently suspended with pay for comments she made on her Facebook wall. In her comments she criticized the lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender history month display at her school. (This display is pictured at the right.) Although the Facebook comments have been removed a New Jersey LGBT rights group, Garden State Equality (GSE), has posted a PDF copy exchange.1 GSE is active on their Facebook page calling for Knox to be fired from her teaching position. Their petition for the school to act against Knox is titled “No Hate In …keep reading »


Are Metro-Atlanta Schools Promoting Islam?

Thumbnail image for Are Metro-Atlanta Schools Promoting Islam?

At least one parent of a Metro-Atlanta middle school student is concerned that his child’s homework promotes Islam in the classroom. Is he right? Watch the video below and decide. As stated in the video, the curriculum was given to the school by the State of Georgia as part of a Middle Eastern studies program. It is possible that more schools across Georgia are using this curriculum though this Georgia resident has not heard any reports of such wide-spread use. The Marietta Daily Journal, a Metro-Atlanta paper, reported on the story and shared a portion of the school curriculum in …keep reading »

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Never Forget

I will never forget September 11, 2001. I was sitting in the office with my colleagues waiting for the stock market to open watching the news on the big screen TV. Around 8:45 am the news channel’s focus moved from stock to shock as it reported that a plane had hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. We were glued to the TV not understanding what just happened. About fifteen minutes later we watched the second plane hit the South Tower. We sat stunned not knowing that at that moment the U.S. was under …keep reading »

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Would You Pray at Ground Zero?

An interfaith prayer vigil will be held at the National Cathedral for the tenth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. It seems that no Evangelicals were invited to participate along side the “dean of the Cathedral, the Bishop of Washington, a rabbi, Buddhist nun and incarnate lama, a Hindu priest, the president of the Islamic Society of North America and a Muslim musician.”1 Should Evangelicals have been invited? Carl Trueman addressing Southern Baptists seems to think that not being invited is a good thing since no invitation means no compromise.2 Mike Horton weighs in with a thoughtful response asking …keep reading »

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Was Anders Breivik a Christian?

My prayers go out to the people of Norway and all of those affected by the vicious murders of Anders Breivik. My intention is not to make less of what happened in Norway, but to explain that his murderous actions were not of the teachings of Christianity. I expect to see reactions from other conservative Christians denouncing Breivik’s actions while offering prayer and empathy for those suffering grief and loss from his terrible act. It is a good time to remember Jesus’ words. Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take …keep reading »

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Dear Same-Sex Marriage

Dear Same-sex marriage, May I call you SSM? Thanks! So, what are you? And what have you done with marriage? Actually, you haven’t done anything with marriage. I’m here writing you. Yes, this is Marriage sending you a note. I’m a little upset that you’re trying to do away with me by re-defining me. However, I am not some novelty act, but a staple of society. Men and women use me to build families by bringing children into the world who then repeat the cycle. I am still here today, but not if it were up to you, SSM. For …keep reading »

Thumbnail image for News Show Host: Mitt Romney Is Not a Christian

News Show Host: Mitt Romney Is Not a Christian

“Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt made a passing remark about Mitt Romney’s faith when talking about viable fund raising avenues for Republican presidential candidates. She said that that “Romney, obviously not being a Christian” would not be able to raise money from the Christian Coalition. Interesting and presumably accurate if Romney hold’s to his Mormon institution’s teachings. Also interesting is that in the past, as I recall, reports, news anchors, etc. seemed more likely to defend Romney’s Mormonism as Christian. I wonder if the tide is changing.

Thumbnail image for Jim Wallis and Richard Land Debate Morality and the Deficit

Jim Wallis and Richard Land Debate Morality and the Deficit

The video topics break down as follows: Why the budget is a moral document (02:34) What’s the real cause of the deficit? (05:04) Debating taxes for the wealthy and entitlements (08:14) Jim: The poorest shouldn’t bear the brunt of balancing the budget (03:03) Does baby boomer retirement make means-testing necessary? (05:11) The parable of the British piano tuner (06:44) Land and Wallis begin agreeing that debt is a moral issue. Wallis says that the spending on the poor is not the cause of the deficit and wants the faith community to provide a “circle of protection around the poorest and …keep reading »

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A Response: Patriotism and Christian Worship

Pastor David Brumbelow recently posted Patriotism and Christian Worship at SBC Voices. I will admit upfront that I disagree with Brumbelow on this topic. I’ve even written about patriotic worship in the past on more than on occasion. Christians will probably continue to disagree about this topic this side of heaven. Make no mistake that even though I disagree with Brumbelow on patriotic worship, I am not anti-American. I love America and am very thankful that I was born here. I will say the Pledge and sing patriotic songs with a warm heart. I just won’t do so during corporate …keep reading »

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Freedom: More Than An American

Christian, what will be at the forefront of your mind during corporate worship this 4th of July weekend? (HT: John Strickland)

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How Would Jesus Tax?

Lawrence O’Donnell vs. Rush Limbaugh: Biblical lessons from the media? Or – How to do eisegesis? Guess which one argues for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thumbnail image for Heaven, Hell and Politicians

Heaven, Hell and Politicians

Below is a story using a politician and his choice between heaven and hell illustrating the tactics some (many?) politicians use to get votes. I thought it interesting so I decided to share it. The author is unknown at this point. I will be glad to attribute it if someone can tell me the author’s name. While walking down the street one day a Corrupt Senator was tragically hit by a car and died . His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance. “Welcome to heaven,” says St. Peter. “Before you settle in, it …keep reading »

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Religious Freedom: Jesus vs Islam

Religious freedom in this country seems to have taken a turn. Maybe a new definition is in order. Religious freedom: mention religion and you’re free to find a new job. Examples of this can be found in situations where Jesus or Islam have been mentioned. The mention of both have resulted in some form of job loss. As far as mentioning Jesus, several years ago I pointed out that a Chaplain suspended for sharing the Gospel. And this year a Chaplain in the N.C. House of Representatives was fired for praying in Jesus name. What about Islam?

Thumbnail image for The Ground Zero Mosque An Artificial Controversy?

The Ground Zero Mosque An Artificial Controversy?

There has been some interesting back and forth in Christians and the Ground Zero Mosque. I’m not sure a consensus will ever be reached even by Christians. Meanwhile, a friend sent me an article that offers another perspective on the Ground Zero Mosque. It’s from the Independent Institute whose mission is to boldly advance peaceful, prosperous, and free societies grounded in a commitment to human worth and dignity. The article is Histrionics Over the Mosque: Symbolism Crowds Out Reality by Ivan Eland. He opens with: The American media, and to a lesser extent the world media, focus on symbolism at …keep reading »

Thumbnail image for Update: Christians and the Ground Zero Mosque

Update: Christians and the Ground Zero Mosque

UPDATE: Daniel linked an article by Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah, two Muslims who are on the board of the Muslim Canadian Congress, entitled – Mischief in Manhattan: We Muslims know the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a deliberate provocation. This article shows that there are atleast some vocal Muslims who get it. There has been much talk (and I’m sure a lot more to come) over whether or not a Mosque should be built two blocks from Ground Zero. Though popularly called the Ground Zero Mosque it may more accurately be called an Islamic Center. Not that …keep reading »

Thumbnail image for Frank Turek Refutes Judge Walker’s 10 Gay Marriage “Facts”

Frank Turek Refutes Judge Walker’s 10 Gay Marriage “Facts”

Frank Turek of CrossExamined offers a refutation of 10 of Judge Vaughn Walker’s finding of “facts” used to overturn Proposition 8 in order to legalize gay marriage. Turek writes – Second, Prop. 8 doesn’t violate the Fourteenth Amendment because every person in America already has equal marriage rights. We’re all playing by the same rules — we all have the same right to marry any non-related adult of the opposite sex. Those rules do not deny anyone “equal protection of the laws” because the qualifications to enter a marriage apply equally to everyone — every adult person has the same …keep reading »

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May Christians Vote Using Religious Principles?

An interesting conversation has been taking place in one of the comment threads. The back and forth is between an atheist and a Christian. Another atheist recently stopped by to comment. His name is Quinlan and he made some assertions to the Christian, Howard, in that thread. Quinlan objected to Howard using “religious principles” from which to base his position on abortion and homosexuality.  It’s as if a Christian is suppose to cease being a Christian outside of their home and worship service. Or at least in the realm of politics. These types of charges are nothing new to Christians. …keep reading »

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Is Islam special?

Emily Belz at World Magazine writes a feature about Islam in The special religion. The article is worth a read. Special or not, there seems to be  a level of special treatment for Islam. Several things stand out and are a bit disturbing. One of them is cowardice in the FBI toward Islam. Cowardice? Really?

Thumbnail image for Memorial Day 2009 Worship Service

Memorial Day 2009 Worship Service

It was a mostly normal Sunday morning.  My wife and I left for church wondering if it would happen.  It did.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said.  The National Anthem was sung.  Everyone stood.  We sat.  It was uncomfortable, I admit.


Southern Baptist Pastors: A Must Read Letter

Open Letter to All Pastors of Churches in the SBC Dear Pastor, Let me first clarify that this letter is for Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) pastors in general. I am well aware that what you are about to read does not include all pastors – at least not in totality. …What is really so remarkable about the question of SBC decline is not the decline itself, but rather the simple answer that is so obvious no one will talk about with any seriousness openly in the SBC. Read the whole thing!


And If Obama Is Elected

Change! Change is what we keep hearing about that Obama will bring if elected president. I’m hoping for change too. I hope I at least to get a little change back from my income taxes due to the poor Congressional policies, unethical business practices and irresponsible consumers that led to this huge bailout. And what will happen if Obama is elected?  Steve Hays has given the correct answer below.  It’s just too good of a line to let go without honorable mention.  Especially, since Triablogue moves so fast.  To hear some people talk you might think this isn’t too far …keep reading »