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Note to Christians: Tip Well or Don’t Eat!

Of course, the story of “pastor” Alois Bell scratching out the 18% mandatory tip on the receipt and writing in “I give God 10% why do you get 18?” is all over the internet now. I first learned of the story when my friend Marty wrote “An open letter to a fired waitress: I’m sorry we are so stingy.” Bell has explained herself in an interview (see below). One waitress, who did not wait on Bell, posted an image of the receipt on the atheism section of reddit which set off the current viral firestorm. Bell left out of her …keep reading »


Hardest Part of the Christian Life is the Easiest to Understand

I was talking with a brother about our upcoming discipleship groups. He mentioned that the material is not as doctrinally deep as he would have liked. Knowing how proud doctrine and knowledge once made me – I got his point! Not that he was being prideful, but I understood. I thought about my own failings for a moment. Like a flashback in a movie that  takes the viewer through years in a few seconds – I thought about all of theological readings, seminary classes, etc. Despite my studies I was no champion over sin. I encouraged my brother that these …keep reading »


4 Minutes on Mormonism with ABC News (with Christianity Comparison Chart)

Will exposing Mormon beliefs and practices affect voting decisions for some Americans? Who will be helped most in the upcoming Presidential election by reporting on Mormon beliefs – Obama or Romney? How many national news outlets covered black liberation theology outside of President Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright? Media bias? Brief Comparison between Mormonism and Christianity Mormonism Christianity God More than one god. God the father is an exalted man   who was as we are now and has a body of flesh and bones. God There is only one God who is spirit and eternal. Trinity The father, son and …keep reading »

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If Pat Robertson Were Jesus

Be glad that Pat Robertson is not the Savior Jesus Christ, but imagine if he were. A female viewer wrote into The 700 Club with a question. This lady is a mother to three adopted children from foreign countries. She wanted to know why the men she dates always leave once they find out she has three adopted children from three different countries. Host Pat Robertson provided…an answer. “you just never know what’s been done to a child before you get that child; what kind of sexual abuse there has been, what kind of cruelty, what kind of food deprivation” …keep reading »

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Christian Kindle Books Under $5 Widgets

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Franklin Graham on President Obama’s Christianity

Below is a one minute clip cut from a longer interview (see below) where Franklin Graham is asked whether or not he believes President Obama is a Christian. Check it out. The MSNBC hosts call Graham out for inconsistent answers. On the one hand, Graham will not definitively say whether or not he believes Obama is a Christian, but leaves the question for Obama to answer. On the other hand, Graham has no problem believing that Rick Santorum is a Christian. However, the above clip does not tell the whole story. In the actual interview Graham says the following. [Obama] has …keep reading »

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Happy Holidays?

During Christmas time it is not uncommon to hear phrase Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Of course, many people still say Merry Christmas. I prefer Merry Christmas and will even reply as such when people say Happy Holidays to me. Depending on the worldview there are people who not only prefer one phrase to the other, but are offended when his or her particular holiday greeting is not used. In recent years, some large department stores moved away from using the term Christmas to using Holiday instead. This move upset many Christians who complained to those stores. Many of …keep reading »

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What I Wish TV Hosts Would Ask Christians

Trevin Wax has an excellent post on how he wishes the homosexuality debate would go between TV hosts and pastors.1 Trevin offers an example of good dialogue with the Christian re-directing the conversation so it is not concentrating on homosexuality. The dialogue could actually work with a dose of patience, focus and enough time. I wish the homosexuality debate would be as Trevin described too, but I also wish something else. TV show hosts like to press on hot button. Some of the on going hot button issues are just about anything on homosexuality, on whether Mormonism is Christian, or …keep reading »


Sin Sells But Who’s Buying?

Sin sells, but who’s buying?  If we were to answer this question based on the recent success of Katy Perry today vs. Katy Perry Hudson several years ago, I’d say that many are buying.  Just consider the two Christianity Today articles from back in 2001 and today in 2008.  It seems as though Hudson, though appealing in her music, came and went.  While Perry spent some time at no. 1. Who cares, though, right?  I do for one.  And, well, her parents apparently do according to the recent Christianity Today article linked above.  Quoting the artist’s mother. I hate the …keep reading »


Sunday School Class on Galatians

First, I want to tell you about our teacher Ben. After I told him that I am a Reformed Baptist, he told me he grew up baptist and graduated from a baptist seminary not long ago. He did not grow up with the 1689 though. He then came to embrace reformed theology and joined the PCA. I asked him if he planned on using any particular commentary throughout the lesson. He informed me that he will use and has used many, but no particular one for the class. He even knew about the New Perspective on Paul. Ben is a …keep reading »


Sovereign Grace Fellowship Relief Fund

There are many charities and organizations one can give to for the recent hurricane disasters. The one in the link above is for some personal friends and their church. You can read more about them here. If you are able to help out these brothers and sisters monetarily please do. Most importantly please pray that God be gracious to them that they may be resilient in their faith during this time of need. I bid everyone as my brother Frank has done to do something. Read Frank’s post (even his whole blog) it has some good links in it. Thanks, …keep reading »


Pat Robertson: Turn the other cheek until nightfall

I just had to post about Robertson since I always question where these “moderate Muslims” are speaking out against these “radical Muslims” who engage in terrorism. No, I am not saying Robertson is engaging in terrorism, but he is seen internationally as a Christian leader and a political voice. And I, as simply a Christian that some may even call a fundementalist, would like to distance myself from Robertson and say that he does not speak for Christianity. Robertson has a wide reach. I imagine his main influence is through the 700 Club TV show that he hosts. The audience …keep reading »


BFM2K has room for an admitted Arminian?

Recently, a local SBC church committee elected an admitted 5-point Arminian to the pastorate. The main reason is that the guy is nice, conservative & charasmatic. Not charasmatic as in pentecostal, but as in his personality. What’s wrong with having this man as their new pastor? Nothing except it’s against the BFM2K (Baptist Faith & Message 2000) which is the official statement of faith adhered to by this SBC church. Quoting the BFM2K we read: V. God’s Purpose of Grace Election is the gracious purpose of God, according to which He regenerates, justifies, sanctifies, and glorifies sinners. It is consistent …keep reading »

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Not my own

A friend made a very touching blog entry which reminded me of something we recited as a response on Sunday morning. It is from the Heidelberg Catechism. Q. What is your only comfort in life and in death? A. That I am not my own, But belong – Body and soul, In life and in death – To my faithful Savior Jesus Christ. Because I belong to Him, Christ, by His Holy Spirit, Assures me of eternal life And make me wholeheartedly willing and ready From now on to live for Him. I don’t know what more needs to be …keep reading »


Homeschooled but free?

I was in channel tonight and in the chats I learned something interesting. At Patrick Henry College two of the required reading texts are Norman Geisler’s Chosen But Free and Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. That’s quite the combination. Geisler’s book is a biased book written in opposition to Calvinism and even misrepresents the theology. He calls plain ole Calvinism “extreme Calvinism” and his version “moderate Calvinism”. While Grudem is a Calvinist and his book is actually a text book on systematic theology. I don’t really see how these two books go together. It would seem that since Geisler’s book is …keep reading »


Responding justly (I hope)

I want to answer my good friend and brother, Russ, from a comment he made with questions to me. I figured I would make a new post to try a put forth a better understanding of where I stand. I am not 100% sure where I stand exactly on all the issues concerning political activism in the church. I do think that the JS (Justice Sunday) events have employed a wrong method, but that Tom Ascol had made some great points in that direction. My post I made was really more of a rant than a thorough critique as I …keep reading »


Gospel Everyday: God Help Us Honor You Publicly

This isn’t a post directly about Justice Sunday, but some various thoughts spurred from some of the recent political activism. We’ve had two JS’ so far that are to work through the church to get the word out to get the right moral judges appointed. This has been done inside the church buildings with those who don’t have the gospel. I believe this causes confusion to the outsiders looking in as well as those who are doctrinally weak sitting in the pews. My focus isn’t soley on this particular subject at the moment though. We publically, nationally promote getting the …keep reading »


My Wedding, Honeymoon & Theology

So my buddy centuri0n calls me at the office today. I filled him in on the wonderful wedding and honeymoon and told him about the church we attended the day after the wedding. I was reminded of how slack I’ve been in updating my blog. Thanks, buddy! I also see that centuri0n may get to have lunch with The Pyromaniac, Phil Johnson soon which I am sure will be a treat for both men. I’ve had the opportunity to meet both men though I’ve actually known cent for several years now online. I met Phil on the AOMin Cruise in …keep reading »


The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship removes Jesus from its constitution.

The original article. Article II. Purpose The purpose of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (hereinafter, “the Fellowship”) is to bring together Baptists who desire to call out God’s gifts in each person in order that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be spread throughout the world in glad obedience to the Great Commission. The Fellowship is committed to the preservation and propagation of individual and historic Baptist freedoms and distinctives, including the priesthood of all believers, the acceptance of the authority of the Bible without the aid of creeds, the autonomy of each church, and the separation of church and state …keep reading »


Flat Earth?

Remember growing up and being repeatedly told that “the church” up to and through the time of Christopher Columbus thought that the Earth was flat? Yea, I do to. Here is very brief article showing that this is a myth propagated years ago to make Christians look unscientific and out of touch with reality. Old tricks die hard.

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Quotes by…

This is the suggestion of the present hour:If the world will not come to Jesus….Shall not the church go down to the world? Instead of bidding men to be converted, and come out from among sinners, and be separate from them, let us join with the ungodly world, enter into union with it, and so pervade it with our influence by allowing it to influence us. Let us have a Christian world…Certain ministers are treacherously betraying our holy religion under pretense of adapting it to this present age. The new plan is to assimilate the church to the world by …keep reading »


Jesus and The Hooters Girls

Click on the link above and check out Russell Moore’s latest commentary. I think my favorite quote is this one: What would it mean if our churches stopped encouraging our own teenage and preteen daughters to dress like Hooters Girls? What would it mean if we insisted that our young girls insist on being treated with the dignity with which they were created? What if fathers and brothers and uncles took seriously the command to guard such dignity, even to the point of turning away from buying someone else’s daughter as a “product” on the cover of a sports magazine …keep reading »


Benedict XVI obstructing justice?

I understand that there are going to be people who see the new Pope as a religious conservative and will be dragging things up about him. Not sure why they think he cares or should care so much about the US political scene though. Even though the papacy is an unbiblical office I am glad he is morally conservative….I think. Anyways, in the link above there is a story that should not be hidden. I get so tired of hearing the Roman Catholic argument that they are the one true church, etc. The article alleges that this new so called …keep reading »


Visit to Southern Seminary

My wife and I just spent a wonderful few days up in Louisville, KY and I wanted to share some of it with you all. We attended the Spring Preview conference of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is a time when prospective students can come to the school, stay on campus, go to classes, tour the campus, speak to professors, and hear from the admissions office, housing office, employment office, etc. Not to mention hear seminary president Al Mohler speak and Dean of the School of Theology Russell Moore speak and preach. Also a high point was to go …keep reading »


The Law (Continued)

Institutes of The Christian Religion. Book II. Chapter 8. 2. It is now easy to understand the doctrine of the law—viz. that God, as our Creator, is entitled to be regarded by us as a Father and Master, and should, accordingly, receive from us fear, love, reverence, and glory; nay, that we are not our own, to follow whatever course passion dictates, but are bound to obey him implicitly, and to acquiesce entirely in his good pleasure. Again, the Law teaches, that justice and rectitude are a delight, injustice an abomination to him, and, therefore, as we would not with …keep reading »


The Law

At my church we have been studying the “Way of the Master” Evangelization video series and I have been reading the corresponding book, “The Way of the Master”, by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. So far it has been very good. I might try to do a review when I am done reading it, although I have never done a review and don’t know how that would turn out, but we’ll see. The short story is Ray and Kirk focus on sharing God’s Law with the sinner in order to bring them to a knowledge of their sinfullness and transgression …keep reading »


Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen reviewed

Daryl Wingerd over at Christian Communicators Worldwide (CCW) has a review of Osteen’s new book. CCW is a ministry of Jim Elliff who I met last year at a FIRE conference and chatted with at one of the book tables. Great guy and great material from this ministry. I recommend getting their periodic emails about the new material as it comes available. Below is the first paragraph from the article linked in the title line above. It may seem foolish to disagree theologically with the man who pastors the largest congregation in America. Thirty-thousand adults attend Joel Osteen’s church every …keep reading »

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Ligonier Conference

Well, this is probably one of the lamest blogs around. I really haven’t had anything interesting to write about lately, and no time either. But I think I will let everyone know what a great trip I had last week at the Ligonier Conference in Orlando, Fl. A group from my church annually attends the conference, and this year it was stellar as usual. Speakers included R.C. Sproul Sr. and Jr., Ligon Duncan, Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS, and the Education Pastor at the same church Derek Thomas, fan favorite John MacArthur, and lastly a first …keep reading »


Romans 9:16 and the negation idiom

I just want to make a quick (not necessarily in depth) attempt to explain why I don’t agree that Romans 9:16 is a negation idiom. Reading Romans 9:16 as a negation idiom does not make sense given the context. If I understand correctly, a negation idiom does not exclude what is denied. In other words, “not only….but also”. An example may be: “the child did not cross the road, it was the mother who crossed” we could understand this to mean “the child did not only cross the road, but also the mother crossed”. In whatever given context it may …keep reading »


All Sufficiency and Every (Part 1)

Sufficient. What does that mean? Here are some definitions: 1. Being as much as is needed. 2. Archaic. Competent; qualified. 3. Enough to meet the needs under the law of a situation or a proposed end. 4. Of a quantity that can fulfill a need or requirement but without being abundant. All Scripture Is Breathed Out by God You, however, have followed my teaching, my conduct, my aim in life, my faith, my patience, my love, my steadfastness, my persecutions and sufferings that happened to me at Antioch, at Iconium, and at Lystra—which persecutions I endured; yet from them all …keep reading »


Responding to unbelievers and taking communion

My words will be in regular text formating while the words from the article will be in blockquote and intalicized. Dear J. R., Thank you for your letter and insightful questions. I will attempt to answer your first question in this weeks ATP, and the other two over the next week (or two). The first question from the link is: Pastor Sofia, I have been attending GCCC for 8 months now. I have a few questions that I would like you to clarify for me. 1) I have noticed that before communion is distributed, it is not stipulated that this …keep reading »