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Friday Favorites 03/09

My new timeline – I recently updated the blog Facebook page to the new timeline format since I was going to be forced to anyway. It’s growing on me. A Baptist defeats gluttony – Amazing story of Baptist professor Mark Rathel’s 180 pound weight loss. I last saw Mark about 1.5 years ago. I didn’t even recognize him. Baptist theology past/future part 1 & part 2 – James Leo Garrett, Jr. shares some interesting historical insight concerning Southern Baptists. Part 2 has an interesting note on the recency of dispensationalsim. Note: I am not endorsing the other articles on the …keep reading »

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Friday Favorites 06/03/11

What Is the Gospel? for 99 cents! – The Kindle Edition is $.99 right now for this great book by Greg Gilbert with the Foreword by D. A. Carson. [another] Open Letter to John Piper – Frank Turk writes another open letter to Piper concerning his interview with Rick Warren. Thinking About Rick Warren & John Piper – Tim Challies offers some gracious thoughts including some concerns on a recent interview. The Pitfall Of Perfectionism – Tullian Tchividjian shares some insightful stories about Christian perfectionism. Why The Message is an untrustworthy Bible – William Dicks does a side-by-side comparison of …keep reading »

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Friday Favorites 12/03/10

Repentance is a grace of God’s Spirit whereby a sinner is inwardly humbled and visibly reformed. – Thomas Watson I got nothin’ – My friend Frank Turk shows that the cult of personality is still alive in Christiandom. Should Every Christian Have A Blog? – Nathan Bingham provides an interesting perspective on Christian blogging. Germans more negative towards Muslims than other Europeans – I wonder how this compares to American attitudes toward Muslims. Evangelizing Ourselves – Mark Galli explains that the gospel is for Christians too. How Biblical Counseling Affects Preaching – Ed Welch writes, “Counseling will make your preaching

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Friday Favorites 11/19/10

Build your nest upon no tree here; for you see God has sold the forest to death. — Samuel Rutherford Meet the ‘Cheapest Man Alive’ – He drives a 1992 car, packs his lunch, reuses paperclips and is worth millions. Four Reasons You Should Resist the New TSA Security Procedures (and How You Can) – Ed Stetzer gives some advice on the hot topic concerning TSA. Sanford Airport to opt out of TSA screening – Ken Tyndall reports on an airport that seeks to replace TSA. Could this be a trend? 50 All-Time Funniest Church Marquee Signs – Tim Dalton …keep reading »

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Friday Favorites 11/12/10

Congratulations to Jason Smathers for winning the Amazing Grace DVD giveaway. Book (Giveaway) Review: Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill – Aaron reviews and is giving away a copy of this book which deals with Christianity and homosexuality. Do Our Church Testimonies Empower Satan? – Russell Moore asks an intriguing question. what’s wrong with your pastor? – Dr. Chuck DeGroat offers some useful insights and advice about having a divided life. Obama Teaches Hindus about Islam – David Wood shows how much Obama does not know about Islam. The homeless commute – Gene Edward Veith asks if the $1.8 million spent on …keep reading »

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Friday Favorites 11/05/10

Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism – DVD Giveaway – A reminder that this giveaway ends Monday unless I extend it. Christians and Drinking Alcohol – JD Greear’s take on this controversial issue. Do you agree? Almost Christian: Q&A with Kenda Creasy Dean – Terrace Crawford interviews the author of an interesting new book. Wordwise Hymns – Robert Cottrill discusses the history and biblical themes of church hymns. Don’t Waste Your Life Download – Download Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper free download this month at

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Friday Favorites 10/29/2010

Can you ethically invest in unethical companies? – Felix Salmon attempts to answer. Procrastination – David McRaney dispels the myth that procrastination is due to laziness and poor time management. The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach – Michael R. Licona has a new book out defending the resurrection. The Doctrine of the Word of God – John M. Frame’s 1000+ page book on Scripture is available for pre-order. What I said about “Over Churched Children” – Tony Kummer shares his thoughts from a pastoral and parental perspective. Who Really Needs to Come Out of the Closet? – Thom …keep reading »

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Friday Favorites 10/22/2010

Johnny Hunt, Calvinism, and the Past Ten Years of My Life – See the gospel at work in a young Calvinist. I appreciate Tim’s post. He is a friend and brother in Christ. I Want Your Money – A new documentary that releases this weekend by Ray Griggs that looks at government spending by contrasting words and actions of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. How do you teach a newly married man to disciple his wife? – Brian Croft offers some great practical steps for husbands. Reduced staffing, greater efficiency and focus key to NAMB’s future – Joe Westbury reports …keep reading »

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Friday Favorites 10/15/10

Enter To Win 1 of 3 “Crucial Questions” Sets by R.C. Sproul – Nathan has a good RC Sproul giveaway going on. It that ends Tuesday, October 19th 2010. Confessions of a Recovering Legalist – Bob Gonzales shares a healthy dose of repentance for all of us. Matt Chandler: The Village Church, Flower Mound, Texas – An interview with Matt Chandler on his ministry experience. LaHood Weighs Urging Ban on All Driver Phone Use in Cars – U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood want to ban all cell phone usage while driving. Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic – Yep,

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Friday Favorites 10/08/2010

My take: Fred Phelps is wrong about the gospel, right about the law – Wayne Grudem explains. A Letter From Hell – Luke 16:19-31(MP3) – Pastor Jeremy Rhode preaches how a letter from hell from the Rich Man may read. For the Fame of God’s Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper – A 542 page festschrift honoring the life and ministry of John Piper which includes 27 essays from his close friends and colleagues. When Writing about Those with Whom You Disagree – Ken Keathley offers three thoughtful points on this topic that even he has not followed in …keep reading »

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Friday Favorites 10/01/10

Walking Through the Valley of Vision – Joe Thorn offers a way to enrich your prayer life. I love the idea! Why Pastors Fall Into Moral Sin – JD Greear re-posts some insights on this topic given the recent sexual allegations against Bishop Eddie Long. Why I Can’t Stand Justin Bieber – Carla explains why. An Open Letter to My Pastors on Glenn Beck – Nancy Guthrie has a different, thankful perspective on some of the issues surrounding

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Friday Favorites 09/24/10

Engaging the Culture – Phil Johnson offers a biblical view of cultural engagement. Calvin the Evangelist – An article by Dr. Frank James explaining the missional aspects of John Calvin’s work for the gospel. Justin Taylor on a ‘tragic mistake’ – WorldMag’s Mickey McLean posts Justin Taylor’s response to Andrée Seu’s seeming embrace that Mormon Glenn Beck is a Christian. What the Prosperity Gospel Does to the Gospel – Brandon Smith makes

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Friday Favorites 09/17/10

Thirty Letters to Calvin, Preacher to the Genevans: And Sixty Signs of the Kingdom of the Antichrist and His Revelation Which Is Now at Hand – Michael Servetus’ Latin writings now translated and put into a 175 page book. ‘Draw Muhammad’ cartoonist changes name, goes into hiding at FBI’s insistence – Molly Norris will have her identity wiped away with the help of the FBI. What Constitutes an Accurate Translation? (Monday with Mounce 75) – A word on Bible translation with Bill Mounce. Are You a Nominal Christian? A Diagnostic Test –

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Friday Favories 09/10/10

American Civil Religion and the Gospel of Jesus Christ – David Rogers shares some research and insights. A Good, New, Non-Arminian, Arminian Book – James gives more thought and insight to a review and response of Whosoever Will. The Nines – Welcome! – Frank shares the text of his talk at The Nines. Military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to Afghanistan – Bibles that were printed in two most common Afghan languages were burned for fear that they could be used for proselytizing and possibly anger Muslims. Two good articles against the Koran burning:

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Friday Favorites 09/03

Disconnected Faith – My metro neighbor Leonce offers some advice for Christians feeling disconnected from God. Is There a Hole in our Gospel? – Andrew reviews this book and finds some troubling theology. Prairie Memories: Songs of Home, Life and Faith – This is a new CD from my friend Clyde Bauman. You can hear samples at the link. When Facebook and Twitter are Gripped by the Gospel – Matthew offers an interesting look at the two most popular mediums. Infographic: Beck vs. King


Friday Favorites 08/27

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Giveaway: A Pastor’s Sketches by Ichabod Spencer – Don’t forget about the giveaway! Reinvesting Pain – A week late on my part, but Rozie gives another well written, insightful piece on suffering. (In case you miss the sermon she linked to – it’s here.) Kiss Me? Addressing God in Worship – Matt Redman encourages us to think carefully about the language used in worship. African-Americans, Women and Southerners Talk and Text The Most in the U.S. – A cellphone usage survey by the Nielsen Company which analyzes more than 60,000 U.S. cellphone bills each month. Driver’s ed value doubted – …keep reading »

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Friday Favorites 08/20

United States Marines duped by pretend jihadist, Ergun Caner -Jason provides videos of two training sessions that Ergun Caner gave to the U.S. Marines on April 15, 2005. I wonder if those who criticized Driscoll for his language will follow suit with Caner. Clearing the Smoke – Joe clears the smoke and shares the gospel in a cigar shop. National HHS Study Not Released by Obama Administration – A note on how the National Abstinence Education Foundation

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Friday Favorites 08/13

Giant Brazilian Temple Replica Panned as ‘Mockery’ – A controversial Brazilian Pentecostal church plans to build a $200 million Holy Temple replica. What Do I Have to Believe to Be Saved? – John Piper answers the question. Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943 – An awesome photo blog from the Denver Post. Christian-Themed Movies in ‘Holy-Wood’ – Interesting comments by

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Friday Favorites 08/06 Anniversary Special

First, today is my 5th wedding anniversary! So it’s special. How does my wonderful wife manage? Maybe this limerick will help her. I know you can’t believe that it’s been five years. But you made it through without many tears. Since it’s all foreordained, just pretend that you’ve gained. It will help get you through the coming years! The Amazing Hubris of the Ruling Class Judiciary – James White comments on the overturning of Proposition 8 and the homosexual Judge Vaughn Walker who had a hand in it. The Five Minute Money Manager: Taking Your Lunch To Work – The …keep reading »

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Friday Favorites 07/30

Forsake Not The Assembling – Ben Davis offers a great quote from John Owen on the importance of coming together for corporate worship. identifying “anti-adoptionistic” corruptions of scripture – Rafael Rodriguez critiques Bart Ehrman’s remarks on anti-adoptionistic corruptions of Scripture. Vitaminwater Isn’t Healthy, Rules Federal Judge – The title of this article By Carey Alexander says it all. Morals are relative, agree or be expelled. – Jason Smathers breaks down Augusta State University’s attempt to force a Christian

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Friday Favorites 07/23

Yancey Arrington just released what looks to be an awesome new book – TAP: Defeating The Sins That Defeats You. The WP On Faith blog has a very interesting ethical dilemma concerning twitter – The Executioner’s Tweet. The CNN belief blog notes some interesting exchanges in Congress debates biblical stance on immigration. Ed Stetzer has a helpful post explaining

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Friday Favorites 07/16

Reminder: The giveaway of A Theological Interpretation of American History ends Monday. Steve Hays answers What does the unbeliever know? for the apologetic minded. Rozie answers Liberty University students that ask what can they do about the recent issues with their former Dean Ergun Caner. Jason at Witnesses Unto Me provides new legal documentation