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Pontius Pilate’s Inscription

This inscription—found in Caesarea—confirms Pontius Pilate’s historical existence. It describes him as “Prefect of Judaea.”1 I found this image in Logos Bible Software when I logged in tonight. I thought I’d share!

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We Could Both Win A $1000!

Last year I wrote about the “Logos Bible Software Seminary Scholarship” in Money for Seminary? I have been working toward the M.Div. for a year and a half now. The economy hasn’t gotten any better, but the Lord is still providing a way for me to attend seminary. What I wrote on this topic last year still applies so I won’t repeat it all here. But I will repeat one thing regardless of the circumstances – Praise God! I will praise God whether or not I win the scholarship contest Logos is awarding this year on August 10, 2011.  And we …keep reading »

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Money for seminary?

I recently started seminary working toward an MDiv. Getting through seminary while having a family and full-time job looks to be a pretty big task. Additionally, paying for seminary after recently experiencing a large personal economic downturn is an equally difficult task. However uncomfortable times may be, the Lord is providing. Of course, if He provided just a bit more I would not complain. I am very appreciative for how the Lord is