4 Minutes on Mormonism with ABC News (with Christianity Comparison Chart)

Will exposing Mormon beliefs and practices affect voting decisions for some Americans? Who will be helped most in the upcoming Presidential election by reporting on Mormon beliefs – Obama or Romney? How many national news outlets covered black liberation theology outside of President Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright? Media bias?

Brief Comparison between Mormonism and Christianity



More than one god. God the father is an exalted man   who was as we are now and has a body of flesh and bones.
There is only one God who is spirit and eternal.
The father, son and holy spirit are three gods separate and distinct from each other.
One God Who exists in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Spirit brother of Lucifer, a literal off-spring of god the father.
Eternal Son of God, second person of the Trinity.
Holy Spirit
A distinct god from father and son, a spirit man and a spirit son of God the Father.
Holy Spirit
The third eternal person of the Trinity.
By presenting our best efforts and obedience to god’s commands and then by grace. Man can become a god.
A free gift from God received by grace alone through faith alone and not by works.
Sacred Scripture
Bible, as far as it is translated correctly.
Book of Mormon
Doctrine and Covenants
Pearl of Great Price
Sacred Scripture
Preexistent spiritual offspring of the Heavenly Father and Mother. Deny original sin.
Created in God’s image. Accept original sin.

Will this affect who you vote for? Thoughts?

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1 Dwight McKissic August 23, 2012 at 1:06 pm

The media bias is the fact that Jeremiah Wright was covered by Fox News round the clock during the ’08 election. There has been little no reporting on the Mormon religion. Thanks for pointing to this ABC piece. I can not bring myself to vote for Obama nor Romney. Neither one represents my values and beliefs system. I saw where Romney was polling 0% in the African American community. Thank God Black people are not being duped by him. Romney’s statement about “not caring about poor people,” and the racists views in his Mormon Bibles, makes him a totally unattractive candidate to Black people. I also believe a vote for Romney helps to advance the Mormon religion. I’m shocked to see his Mormonism not present a barrier to evangelicals voting for him.

Dwight McKissic

2 Mark August 23, 2012 at 1:41 pm

Dwight, I appreciate you stopping by. I agree that Wright was covered by Fox. I also think that some of Jeremiah Wright’s words were taken out of context. Fox, like most (all?) of the major networks love sound byte rhetoric to score points against the opposition. While Fox covered Wright personally, I’m not sure if they (and other media) covered Wright’s theology.

I grew up RLDS, what I call semi-Mormonism to make conversations easier. I hope that people are not influenced by Romney’s Mormonism. The way Christianity is so easily confused with moralism these days Mormonism has an easier gateway to acceptance.

The Mormon church certainly had past racist views. I can’t imagine how I would feel about if I were a Black man. I mean…I can try to imagine it, but probably with limited accuracy. I am sympathetic to my Black neighbors and brothers who are turned off by Romney’s Mormonism.

3 Bill August 24, 2012 at 12:02 am

A close look at the roots of Romney’s — and the Mormon church’s — political ambitions

Romney’s religion is not a sideline, but a crucial element in understanding the man, the mission and the candidacy. He is the quintessential Mormon who embodies all of the basic elements of the homegrown American religion that is among the fastest growing religions in the world. Like his father before him, Romney has charted a course from missionary to businessman, from church bishop to politician — and to presidential candidate. The influence that Mormonism has had on him has dominated every step of the way.

Called a “militant millennial movement” by renowned Mormon historian David L. Bigler, Mormonism’s founding theology was based upon a literal takeover of the U.S. government. In light of the theology and divine prophecies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, unamended by the LDS hierarchy, it would seem that the office of the American presidency is the ultimate ecclesiastical position to which a Mormon leader might aspire. So it is not the LDS cosmology that is relevant to Romney’s candidacy, but whether devout 21stcentury Mormons like Romney believe that the American presidency is also a theological position.


Recall Glenn Beck when on FOX News saying that when our Constitution is hanging by a thread, the Mormons will rescue it.

4 Bill August 24, 2012 at 12:18 am

Here’s the actual quote:

Joseph Smith, the prophet, was inspired to affirm and ratify this truth, and he further predicted that the time would come, when the Constitution of our country would hang as it were by a thread, and that the Latter-day Saints, above all other people in the world, would come to the rescue of that great and glorious palladium of our liberty.

JOSEPH SMITH’S “WHITE HORSE” PROPHECY by Sandra Tanner http://www.utlm.org/onlineresources/whitehorseprophecy.htm

May his days be few; may another take his office! Psalm 109:8

5 Even If Ministries August 24, 2012 at 2:21 am

At the end of the day – This will not be a Mormon debate even if it is swaddled and clothed in it by the media. The polls will decide the REAL issue: whether Americans want to continue with a president that is pro abortion and pro homosexuality or elect a new President that is anti abortion and anti homosexuality. The incumbent is usually in the strongest position for the Presidency even if many disagree with his policies.

Some might say that they choose neither and abstain from voting. Choosing not to decide is still a choice and will still cast a vote (most of the time this favors the incumbent).

Israel: The connection/friendship of Romeny and Netanyahu vs the Obama and his lack of friendship with Netanyahu (remember the gaffe with Sarkozy?) Obama’s 2 state solution aspiration (to be THE one that solved it when so many have tried before him) will be at the forefront of the debate on who to choose as well. What is the capital of Israel? Romeny has declared Jerusalem. Obama did as well before he got elected to help him secure the Jewish vote but capitulated after being elected and now his administration calls it a “permanant status issue.” (think Jay Carney and also Victoria Nuland when she got so upset with AP write Matthew Lee)

So at the end of the day, Americans will cast a vote based on 3 main things (regardless of, or more probable, IN SPITE of) the following:

1) Abortion
2) Homosexuality
3) Israel

The rhetoric surrounding these 3 issues will meted out in the polls by either obscuring it or focusing on it.

Obamacare will be secondary. It may be the focus of the debates, but it won’t be primary in the voter’s concerns on election day (Think chick-fil-a)

The bible will NOT be the deciding issue because it has already been discarded as the final authority by both camps in one form or another and by the voters themselves (neither are running nor were they elected based upon this premise in the first place).

My 2 cents anyway

6 Mark August 24, 2012 at 8:38 am

Bill, thanks for sharing the extra info. I actually mentioned the White Horse Prophecy here: One Nation Under A Mormon God?.

7 Mark August 24, 2012 at 8:40 am

EIM, you’re probably right and Mormonism’s influence, hopefully, will be minimal.

8 William Wilson September 8, 2012 at 7:28 am

o what the Mormon church is doing is get Mat romney into the presidental to even win the Amercian Christian from Evangelical Refromed. What Romney this he is going to bring into this dabate and try and bring in what the Mormon church really believes What will destroy the people of Amercia and also bring down Christianity to which is states God bless Amercia.


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