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One of my co-workers sent me something about Jewish hip-hop yesterday. I just remembered tonight that one of these groups was called “50 Shekel” so I googled it. Here is some of his testimony.


Note: For those of you who have already read this page before I put this note up and made the assumption that because you see that I had “1 bad experience in Orthodoxy” and that is the reason that I left “Judaism” please not that for 29 years I have been experiencing what “Judaism is” on many levels (Orthodoxy to Conservative to Reform to Traditional to non-affiliated) and now to have finally come to faith in Elohim’s Truth and that includes accepting Yeshua Ha’Moshiach into my heart, it’s too easy to see that serving Elohim surely has nothing to do with “religion” and at the same time I’m enjoying Torah and grasping how real it is and understanding my Jewish roots in a solid way like absolutely never before.

And here he explains a bit about his name.

Here’s the spiel:

They call me 50 Shekel a/k/a “The World’s Most Kosher MC.” I was in what I call “Jew Rehab” on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I think it was the Spring of 2004.

And this is interesting and the first I’ve heard of any conversions “due” to Mel Gibson’s The Passion.

To conclude, after seeing The Passion, my mouth was wide open for about 20 minutes straight. I was shocked. “Oh my God!” Jesus was Yeshua. Jesus was The Messiah. Messiah is Moshiach, The Annointed One that we’ve been waiting for. This movie is not anti-Semitic. I have just fallen in love with God.

If you want to read more just click the link in the title. 50 Shekel has written a long page about his journey. Not sure how to describe the music, but I would not really call it hip-hop, but more of a mixture techo-like sounds.

So there you have it. Who’s next? Jazzy John and the Freshwater Baptist of Jerusalem?

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