A Blogger’s Night Before Christmas

To blog before Christmas when all through the ‘net,
Watchbloggers were reading for their appetite to whet.
Drafting a post to spread cheer – a Christmas song,
But wait – someone on the internet might be wrong!

The blog readers wonder and wait with baited breath,
For the next post to be published to their RSS.
That’s what he tells himself this Christmas Eve,
His true presents come with the comments they leave.

Hearing clatter outside, he jumped out of bed,
But then thoughts of blog stats ran through his head.
To check for new comments and stats he did pause,
Finally, getting to the window, he missed Santa Claus.

In the distance, he heard bells and a big, “Ho, ho, ho!”
Now torn between blog stats and what he doesn’t know.
“Did I really miss Santa? Now what of my life?”
He thinks of giving up blogging and getting a wife.

Back to the basement where he lays his head,
He hangs his rob over his slippers then back to bed.
He missed Santa on a night so clear,
Maybe he won’t blog for Christmas this year.

But what else will he give besides a great blog?
So hard for him to reason as his eye meets the log.
Maybe one day off blogging won’t be so bad,
He cheers himself on so he won’t be so sad.

There’s more to life than blogging, his mother has said.
He ponders her advice while she sleeps up in her bed.
But he just about has blogging down to perfection!
And who will handle the world’s online correction?

It hits him – life is not really that long,
And the internet is a place where someone will always be wrong.
Finally, he gets Christmas and begins to believe and repent,
The Christ child has come so time must be better spent.

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