A Healthy View of Church?

“Because people like me come from professional backgrounds, and we want churches that reflect our backgrounds. I don’t want to be opening my home to people. I don’t want to get involved in people’s lives. I don’t want needy people in my church. Before people like me went into Christian ministry, we were lawyers, doctors, businessmen. And when we get involved in ministry we bring those values with us. We want to lead growing churches with professional people, church administrators, healthy budgets. We want church to be a well-run organization with polished presentations.” Chester, Tim, and Steve Timmis. Total Church. (Wheaton: Crossway, 2008), 69.

That quote is from an unnamed church leader in chapter four, Social Involvement, of Total Church.  It’s a very sad statement of what the church should be.  However, I believe it’s also an accurate statement of how people think church should be or in the very least how some churches end up being.  This particular leader probably should have probably stayed a “professional” rather than sought ministry.

My Observation

I believe this is where an unbiblical approach like the one above feeds the congregation who also has the same or similar attitude.  The congregation with no strong, biblical spiritual leader continues down the same path we end up with what we see today which is very short pastorates.  The pastor ends up not being able to live up to this man-made “professional” standard he set and the congregation ends up getting rid of him.  Then, any future pastors that desire reform, but aren’t strong enough may succumb to the same fate.  The weak pastor with good intentions they end up doing too much pleasing of the congregation.  And then the cycle repeats.  I believe this approach has hurt local congregations all across the U.S. and it’s a sad situation.  We need another reformation!

My answer: This is a very unhealthy view of church that just might be all too common.

For what it’s worth…


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