A Quick Note of Thanks!

I would like to thank all of my friends in the real world and those in the cyber-world via twitter, Facebook and blogs who help get the word out to vote for me for the $10,000 Blogging Scholarship.1

I was overwhelmed by all of the support. It meant a lot!

A special word of thanks (sorry if I missed anyone) to Frank Turk2, James White3, Tim Challies4 and Aaron Armstrong5 for promoting the scholarship contest on their blogs.

And an extra-special thank you to all those who used the donate button on the sidebar. You know who you are. I appreciate your charity.

Yes, the contest is over. No, I didn’t win. Last year I came in third, but this year I came in sixth.6 Maybe we’ll do it again next year, Lord willing.

Am I disappointed? A little, but the Lord has been providing and I’m confident He will continue. Either way, I will trust in Him.

Thanks again everyone!


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