Is Abortion the Answer for Unwanted Children?

Sometimes a pro-abortion argument is made that it is best not to bring unwanted children into the world. That argument is actually a case for contraception not abortion.

First, abortion is not contraception. Contraception is something done to prevent conception or pregnancy. By the time a woman is pregnant it is too late to use contraception because a baby has all ready been conceived. So contraception is one way, as long as it does not fail, to prevent bringing an unwanted child into the world. The best prevention is abstinence.

Now, to the question at hand.

Is abortion the answer for unwanted children?

The answer is the same as above: no, by the time a woman is pregnant it is too late because a baby has all ready been conceived. While it is true that the baby may be unwanted, it is still a baby. Though that unwanted baby is in the womb, that little person is still in the world.

Most people who claim abortion is a way to prevent an unwanted child from entering the world are simply practicing age discrimination. Those same people would not argue for killing that child five days, five months, or five years later.

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1 Even If Ministries January 25, 2013 at 2:04 am


I made a “simple question” poster about the root debating point of this subject. I make these posters from time to time to help people see, challenge, and/or realize their theological suppositions by forcing them to choose a stance.

In this case, it is a simple one: Regarding Abortion: Are WE the creator of life or is ADONAI the creator of life?

Here is the poster:


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