Advance09 Makes Local News

How awesome is it to for a Christian conference to make the local news?  The final day was good.  I’m too tired to write out any notes.  I hope to have some final reflections on the event soon.  I was certainly blessed by the messages and fellowship.  Check out the news story.

There’s about 2,900 miles between Mike Anderson’s home in Seattle, Washington, and Durham. But something drew him here this weekend.

“I think God’s doing some things that are pretty special right now,” he said. “He’s both focusing on theology, which lots of times has been kept in the churches that are viewed as more conservative and they haven’t engaged with people. At the same time, he’s raising people up with a heart to care for people and to save people and to go out to the ends of the Earth.”

Anderson was one in a crowd of 2,700 (Read the whole thing)

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