An Idol Called Evangelism booklet now out

Last year I learned of a sermon from James White’s blog called An Idol Called Evangelism.  This sermon is by Pastor Roy Hargrave of Riverbend Church.  A few folks blogged about it including Jeff Fuller and friend Howard Fisher.

Well, now the  talked about booklet is out and can be ordered online.  Here is the description of the book.

Dr. Hargrave contends that many current evangelism methods have become manipulative, man-centered, and are rapidly producing false converts.  In fact, these unbiblical, modern-day evangelism methods have seemingly become more important than the gospel itself.  They have become more important than the real purpose of man: to glorify God.  They have, in effect, become an object of worship.

Agree or disagree, it’s a good sermon with some great points.  I hope the book is as good.


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