Angels and Demons A Novel Idea

The folks at Westminster Seminary have shined some light for truth.  They’ve put together a great new site responding to the movie “Angels and Demons” based on Dan Brown’s novel.  The site is The Truth About Angels & Demons.

They give good answers to many falsehoods and misunderstandings.

And  there’s more.  Check out the whole site!

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p.s. Even secular scientists take issue with Dan Brown. Faith-Based, Science-Based Critics: Dan Brown Needs to Do More Research

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1 Nancy May 26, 2009 at 9:06 am

Interesting read…especially the article on, Can Science Answer Ultimate Questions? I think Dan Brown is a good story teller but I must say, this supposition that science will someday know all the answers is as fanciful as the last scene of Angels and Demons where the hero falls from a plane and survives the impact. Don’t get me wrong…I love and respect science just as I love and respect religion. But neither will ever fully understand that which is GOD. God is, thankfully, a riddle with no full answer in this realm: “And if you would know God, be not a solver of riddles.” –Kahlil Gibran


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