Atlanta Storms: A Reflection on Life

The South is getting hit with unusual weather lately. In fact, a couple weeks ago I wrote about, and shared pictures of, the ice and snow storm that hit Metro-Atlanta. Now, as I write this, the ice is melting from another storm. The storm lasted two days and is hopefully over though its effects will last a bit longer.

Thankfully, people, especially buses full of children, were not stranded on the roads this time. Unfortunately, people did lose power and there were some emergencies. Sadly, there have been about a dozen or so deaths in the South due to the current storm. And that’s a dozen or so too many.

Despite being ready for the storms this time, we still had emergencies and death. Much like so many of life’s storms, no matter how much we prepare we are never fully ready. Everyday necessities of life can become deadly and there is only so much we can do about it.

Take water, for instance. Water is amazing in that it maintains and nurtures so much life, yet can also be so destructive. Ice and snow are forms of water and produce incidents like the recent storms that are not in our control. These storms are foreseeable to a point where we must take a level of responsibility. Yet, like many (most) things in life we prepare for the overwhelming ice and snow while not controlling them. Plans can be made for if/when a storm comes, when it arrives, and for the recovery.

In similar fashion, it can be a struggle at times to know how to handle the storms of life. Unfortunately, we don’t have a meteorologist that can pretty much tell us about life’s next storm. So, when storms hit, some question if they are being punished for their bad deeds in general or for a particular deed they have done. However, Jesus tells us that the sun shines and the rain pours on both the good and the bad.

As I waited out the recent storm, I thought about life and the afterlife to come that Jesus gave me. Though I am justified in God’s eyes through faith in Jesus, I am not a good person. I am a repenting, forgiven, and redeemed person with a new nature who desires to serve God.

Despite being a follower of Jesus, I was stuck in my car for 7 hours for a 3 mile journey during the last ice storm. This time, during the recent storm, I was home with my wife. Praise God, we did not lose power. But our neighbors behind us had a power line down that I watched be repaired through a window.  I prayed during both storms for my family and friends; even strangers I may never hear of again.

During both storms that despite the danger that the water posed, whether as ice or snow, I knew I could trust the Living Water, Jesus Christ. I know that eventually all of life’s storms will pass. And one morning I will not awake to enjoy the calm after the storm. Yet, I will be eternally awakened as my soul rests, forever calm, with no more storms.

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