Because We have a Black President?

Sometimes while driving to the office I flip the radio over to local, liberal, black radio on am 1390 WAOK and listen to Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White. This morning was one of those times. I heard an amazing assertion by a Christian caller whose politics got in the way of reasoning.

As I turned to the station to 1390, a man called in who quoted Genesis 1:26 asserting that it taught there is more than one God. Host White rightfully corrected him and gave an analogy defending the Trinity. The next caller also corrected the man by defending the Trinity. She also made reference to Job, apparently from an earlier on-air discussion and in some disagreement with the host, that it was God who sovereignly offered Job to Satan.

The second caller explained her Christian positions based on her contextual studies on which she bases her understanding of the Bible. It was great to hear her reasonably explain her positions. She came across as if she had really thought through what the Christian Scripture teaches.

The beginning of her call was great, but then the great dragon known as ‘politics’ breathed its fire.

Right after defending Christian doctrine as a reasonable believer she accused white people of creating the NRA and gun laws favorable to whites because 1) America has a black president and 2) the white population is shrinking.

This reasonable professing Christian admitted she did not have the evidence, the facts, to prove her assertions about guns et al., but she believed it. It just had to be so!

I had hoped her reasoning from Scripture would carry over into how she formed the rest of her worldview. Yet, she admitted she had no proof of her assertions. Christians should not have the luxury of building part of a worldview on faith and reason while working out the rest based on hunches.

There is certainly a political divide in this country which spills floods into the church. Some Christians do not believe this female caller has any right to claim to follow Jesus since she voted for President Obama. Writing off this caller’s profession of faith based solely on her vote is not better than her unproven assertions against white people. Neither side is attempting to understand the other – even within a Christian worldview.

While I would not claim that this caller is not a Christian, I am not without my own bias. Had this caller used the same type of biblical reasoning she began with she might be persuaded that her vote for President Obama was not the most biblically consistent. She might be persuaded not to judge people admittedly without evidence. She might be persuade that many Americans disagree with Obama’s politics; not because we have a black president.

Listening this morning was a great reminder to be careful not to draw conclusions based on my own unsubstantiated feelings. I wonder…if the cross gives no motivation to even try to mend the political and racial gaps in this country – maybe some folks have the wrong cross.

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1 Pat December 21, 2012 at 9:38 pm

Good post very interesting,I tell ya when it comes to politics some people forget their Saviour,Christians,Democrats and Republicans. And it’s so sad!!

2 Mark December 23, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Pat, yep. All sides have trouble with their biases, except me…I’m kidding!


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