Being More Holy: Forward to the Altar Steps

Is there something more spiritual about going forward, kneeling down and praying on the steps around the pulpit (sometimes called the altar)?  It sure seems like there is.  My wife and I recently experienced this call.  After a very sharp appeal to the emotions in reference to serving God and prayer there was a strong persuading for all to come forward, kneel and pray.   Now my wife, having grown up in Baptist churches, was very familiar this type of appeal.  Her observation was that visiting evangelists do this type of thing so that people remember him.  It can later be heard said, “Did you see or do you remember all those people going forward?”  This reminds me of the recent Voddie Bauchum sermon I linked too where 500 people “walked the aisle” with 20 or 30 professions of Christ were made yet the report was that over “500 decisions for Christ” were made. 

I’m sure for the most part that these men’s motives are not just for the remembrance or their visitation.  Even if it were who would admit it?  But the question is why do they make this type of appeal?  Do they think it makes all who come forward more spiritual?  Is it more “holy” in front by the pulpit?  I would really like to ask them.   We do not need an earthly altar in which to approach our Lord.   We can now approach the Father directly through our mediator Christ the Son after the washing of the Holy Spirit.  If I was speaking of Roman Catholics then an altar makes sense since they wrongly believe they are re-presenting Christ’s sacrifice on
Calvary.  But Christ is our one and only perfect sacrifice completed once for all with the cross as His altar.  So we need just come to the cross, a place of death turned into a place of life through His resurrection. 

When will we get back to preaching salvation by grace through faith building that understanding on Christ’s sacrificial atonement on the cross? Mark

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