Beware: John Boehner Quotes the Bible

Many who are first to cry separation of church and state recently celebrated a visit by Pope Francis to speak at the White House. While cheers for the Pope still echoed in the air, Speaker of the House, John Boehner, announced his coming resignation.

Many of Boehner’s fellow Republicans have been critical of his leadership or lack thereof. He has been equally critical of his critics even calling Presidential candidate Ted Cruz a jackass. But beware, as Boehner begins walking toward retirement, he rips conservatives in his own party again, this time by quoting the Bible.

“The Bible says beware of false prophets. And there are people out there, you know, spreading noise about how much can get done. I mean this whole notion that we’re going to shut down the government to get rid of Obamacare in 2013 — this plan never had a chance.”

Of course, a false prophet is not someone who makes political promises, tries and fails to make good on them. Rather, a false prophet is “A person who spreads false messages and teachings, claiming to speak God’s words.”

If Boehner were correct in applying the definition of false prophets to his fellow politicians, it may be said that all politicians, himself included, qualify as false prophets. Thankfully, he is incorrect as political promises are not biblical prophecies.

People are weary, Mr. Boehner, not of false prophecies but failed promises. When Republicans won and gained control of Congress, people expected those elected to act on the issues that got them elected. The people expect their elected officials to fight in Congress, not just in their campaigns. Conservatives are tired of politicians fighting for their votes, then not voting for the fight that put them in office.

Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Speaker, and please don’t make any messes on the way out.

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