Big Bang Recreated!

Look at the screen at the bottom left.  See the small white spot in the center?  That’s the Big Bang in action!  You can read the whole story and watch the short video by going directly to the article:
Scientists cheer as protons complete first circuit of Big Bang machine

This has got to be a very exciting experiment for many, especially, for those involved.  At a cost of £3.6 billion I certainly hope so.  For those of us in the U.S. that’s about $6.36 billion.  As the article states this is the “biggest and most expensive civilian experiment in the history of science.”  As fascinating and as fascinatingly expensive as this experiment is I want to make a few observations.

…”Big Bang machine” that will open a new window on the Universe.

It took less than an hour to guide the stream of particles around its inaugural circuit: the first protons had been fired into the 27km ring at 8.32am.

Notice that even in the recreation of the alleged Big Bang that created the universe a “machine” had to be made.  And, the stream of particles had to be guided.  An outside intelligence had to be present.  Even in the lab the environment couldn’t just be created and the let go to complete itself so to speak.

We’ve now stopped the beam and we’re making some corrections, and then we’ll move around octant by octant. We’ve got four more to do. At the rate we’re going, within an hour we’ll have the beam all around the LHC.

Even the machine had to be stopped and corrected along with way.  This is an experiment so such adjustments and trials are to be expected.  What I’m pointing out is that even these scientists cannot make a “natural” very controlled environment where the Big Bang just takes place.  There are trying to take a theory and create it based on what is known about how various particles, etc. have interacted with each other.  Even if they have created the way they think the Big Bang took place it does not prove it took place.  They are merely reconstructing what they think happened rather than discovering what happened.  Did any new tiny planets form from the experiment in question?  Did any new material form?  If anything did end up forming how would we know that the materials used today are the same as the original alleged Big Bang?  In light of all the new creation would the original material that caused the Big Bang even exist in the same form?  How about in this mini Big Bang?  I’m sure there are more questions to ask, but that’s enough for now.

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