Black Church White Church

Below is a hip-hop song dealing with something we are all familiar with. Racial segregation on Sunday morning in our local churches. The song is from Voice’s new album Christ the King.

Black Church White Church by avoice

Below is the third verse of the song. Whatever version of American English you speak, whatever your race, the content of this verse will probably be all too familiar.

Black church white church, news flash you are Christ’s church. So the color is red that you stand by, bloodshed nuff said hold your head high. Waves your hands by, to how life was, be high on Christ that’s the right buzz. Church segregation ain’t the right love, separation is really hating Christ’s love. We don’t go there, fill in the blank, and fill in the blank their music ain’t. Divided by cultural preferences is all us it is not what his message is. He called us to preach gospel sentences, so all must, complete what repentance is. Cuz we show the world that the Lord is real, or we show the world we got a fake appeal. Listen you were made in God’s image, before any man saw you as an image. So who you are is not who you are, and what defines you should behind you. Accept Christ, so what you thinking that in eternity it matters if you white or black? He made us, for better status, and our color’s red so let’s move ahead. (Source)

Some of you may be interested in hearing a panel discussion lead by Aaron Menikoff. The took place in December 2009 with Tony Carter of East Point Church and Felix Lora of the Sandy Springs Mission on the topic Multiculturalism and the Local Church (mp3).

What can be done about racial division in the local church? How do we “fix” it? Can it be “fixed” this side of Christ’s return? What can Christians do?

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1 Bill June 3, 2010 at 12:14 pm

I wish I knew. Our Pastor has the oppurtunity to preach at a prodominantly black church on their “racial reconciliation” Sunday, and their Pastor has preached a revival at ours. Maybe if our leadership can continue to work together and be proactive with this issue, change can happen….I also think secondary issues such as worship style is an obstacle that needs to be overcome by all sides. Christ must be made the center and everything else can flow from that. I would love to see the church come together for the Glory of God!

2 Mark June 4, 2010 at 9:49 am

Bill, I agree that this is a tough issue. I like your thoughts. We had a black pastor preach not long ago in our mostly white church. And our white pastor preached at a black church recently. Some of the issue might be that our neighborhoods in the suburbs are also pretty much segregated.

Brother Crump gave me a succinct insightful answer:

The biggest challenge is a lack of intentionality and bridge builders.


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