Blogging Scholarship Entry Essay 2011

Last year I wrote an essay in an attempt to apply for the Blogging Scholarship contest.1 My entry was accepted and I was entered into the contest. The competition was tough. I was very thankful that though I did not win, ultimately ended up getting enough votes to win third place.2

It’s that time of year again and I could use your prayers and possibly your votes soon. I shared last year’s entry essay so I’m sharing this year’s too.

Blogging Scholarship Entry Essay 2011

I would love to be able to say that I started blogging to change the world. However, I was too much of a realist to have thought that my keyboard would extend that far. What I did hope to offer were some ideas to help change my small, theologically conservative, Christian world. Initially fuel by frustration, a blog allowed me to have a voice. Beginning in June 2004 a new voice in the internet wilderness began speaking. My blog started with a good friend who had some of the same concerns about the Evangelical world that I did, but he soon left to start his own blog. (Don’t worry, we’re still good friends.)

Blogging probably affected me before I had much of an impact on others. Blogging slowly took on new meaning. It was no longer about pouring out my frustrations on the internet with little thought behind the key strokes. Stirring up controversy on a blog is easy, but offering something of substance is a little harder. Blogging has been an avenue where both my thoughts and writing have matured. Some of the behinds the scenes benefits of blogging has been motivation to learn about web design, online marketing, SEO, etc.

The personal benefits of blogging are very much welcomed. However, the real pay-off is the positive feedback from readers. Admittedly, some of the positive feedback comes in the form of agreement, but the most rewarding is when people write thanking me for blogging because they have been blessed in some way. Those blessings include helping someone through a struggle, an important decision, or to just helping them think through issues from a Christian worldview. Sometimes even negative feedback can be encouraging because it tells me that my points were clear and gave those of opposing positions something to think about. Ultimately, my readers may be more of a blessing to me than I am to them. I appreciate all of them.

Blogging continues to be important for my spiritual growth in way of continuing to mature my Christian worldview by thinking and writing through issues in all areas of culture. These areas range from the religious to the political/social from inside to outside the church. The challenge of thinking in public, especially as a Christian, is also humbling. Fellow Christians will not hesitate to push back and challenge my thinking when my approach or tone is perceived as unbiblical.

Blogging is a continued iron sharpening iron venture. The Lord has seen fit to allow me to blog for seven years now and if I am allowed to continue for many more years I’m sure the sharpening process will only carry on.

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1 Christiane November 14, 2011 at 11:50 am

that phrase ‘Christian world-view’ is confusing . . . the eyes of the Christian seek only ONE Object,
Jesus Christ Risen From The Dead . . .



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