But Jesus Hung Out with Sinners!

Sometimes Christians disagree over participating in certain activities. One Christian may be convicted that a certain activity is sin or at the very least the appearance of evil so they avoid it. Another Christian may come to a different conviction about the same activity and feel free to participate.

For example, the recent news out of Oregon where Christian bakery owners felt they would not be honoring the Lord by providing food for a same-sex wedding. (An event that inspired a recent post.) Since the owners refused service to the gay couple’s wedding, some in the LGBT did all they could to shut down the business. And the owners did shut down.

I agreed with the bakery owners and most Christians I’ve read have too. However, some Christians disagreed with the bakery owners and thought they should have served the gay couple.

This situation may be classified as one of conscience for each Christian. It is an issue Christians should discuss and disagree on without one side holding it against the other. But one thing gets me in these discussions. The ultimate trump card some Christians use to seemingly justify any action they desire.

That would be the “But Jesus hung out with sinners” trump card.

I want to give one simple statement illustrating why this trump card is not as playable as some think. My simple statement should also show why many of us believe the Christian bakery owners were right by not participating in ungodly matrimony. The basic idea is that while Jesus may have hung out with sinners and tax collectors, he was not helping them celebrate their sinfulness.

My simple statement: Jesus may have hung out with sinners, but he would not have participated in and encouraged a divorce party by turning water in to wine for the divorcees to celebrate.

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