A Calvinist Missionary and Other Notables

When it comes to missions and evangelism in the Southern Baptist Convention today’s hot button is Calvinism and it’s resurgence among younger Southern Baptists.  Is the concern that Calvinism does and will stifle missions and evangelism in the SBC valid?  The answer seems to depend on who you ask.  Regardless of theology, it’s a Gospel issue and  a sin problem.  One of my dead horses is a concern of pelagianism which I’ve mention recently.

So what does a Calvinist missionary say ON BEING A SBC CALVINIST (& MISSIONARY)?

Patterson gave me Calvinism
When I entered The Criswell College in 1990, I knew very little about Calvinism, but I knew I didn’t like it. But it was there, at the school where Paige Patterson was president, that I became a full (five-point) Calvinist. (Don’t confuse full Calvinism with hyper Calvinism–see below). Although Patterson didn’t personally encourage me to embrace it, he helped.  Read the whole thing.

Other Notables

Townhall.com gets a dose of the John 3:16 Conference via the Baptist Press.  Is that a good thing?

Tur8infan claims that Popes Testify that Catholicism and Islam Worship the Same God. He gives “evidence from the mouth of your two most recent popes, John Paul II (JP2) and Benedict XVI (Ben16).

iMonk wonders whether or not protestants today really believe in sola fide.  He states, “Mixing “faith alone” with anything else produces a bastardized notion of salvation; a synergism that is eventually going to be tilted toward works in a way that will sink the ship on the rocks of despair, legalism or intellectualism.

Frank has a post that shows us just how famous he’s become.  I won’t mention how I recent sat next to Mark Dever in a staff meeting, but it’s not on youtube.

Ed Stetzer shares some small church research.  He says, “Even though many seem to forget, the vast majority of churches are small.

Campi gives some good reasons not to complain about your kids.

Timmy Brister reminds us Of First Importance: Happy in the Lord.  Keep this priority in mind as the Lord’s Day approaches.

Sorry for all of the notables I missed.  🙂

For what it’s worth…


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