The Catch 22 of Keeping Your Christian Faith Private

In various debates on social and political issues, Christians are often told to keep their faith out of the public forum. And that faith has no place in the public decision making process. Not only is it impossible for Christians to put away their faith as if it is something carried around in a portable first-aide kit, but it puts them in a catch 22 if they ignore their faith.

One one hand, when Christians are public about their faith by expressing that the foundation of their decisions are faith-based, they may be scoffed at. They are told by opponents to stop pushing their Christian views on them while they, in turn, push anti-Christian views on Christians.

On the other hand, Christians are often told to keep their faith private. Yet, if they keep their faith private, as soon as they do something disagreeable toward an opponent of Christianity they may be called a hypocritical Christian as the opponent attempts to use the Bible against them.

But Christians cannot leave their worldview at home when making decisions. The Christian faith is a public faith that affects every decision made. This does not mean a Christian shares the gospel or mentions Jesus’ name every fifth sentence, but it does mean that Scripture is (or should be) the foundation for every decision – every action. Even if a known Christian is discussing social and political issues, yet does not make any religious references, they may still find their faith used against them by those who disagree.

Nevertheless, a Christian must live within his or her biblical worldview whatever the venue. Actually, even non-Christians should live within their worldview whether they are atheists, materialists, etc. In fact, all people live within their worldviews. However, the non-Christian views often borrow from Christianity for internal consistency of their own views.

The public and private sphere – whether social, political, or religious – is big enough for the free exchange of ideas. And people should be mature enough, within reason among reasonable people, to freely discuss ideas from all worldviews.

Finally, Christianity is not only a faith to be lived out publicly, but one that its founder, Jesus Christ, commanded to share publicly with unbelievers. Christians, don’t leave your worldview at home.

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