Friday Favorites 03/09

My new timeline – I recently updated the blog Facebook page to the new timeline format since I was going to be forced to anyway. It’s growing on me. A Baptist defeats gluttony – Amazing story of Baptist professor Mark Rathel’s 180 pound weight loss. I last saw Mark about 1.5 years ago. I didn’t even recognize him. Baptist theology past/future part 1 & part 2 – James Leo Garrett, Jr. shares some interesting historical insight concerning Southern Baptists. Part 2 has an interesting note on the recency of dispensationalsim. Note: I am not endorsing the other articles on the …keep reading »


Friday Favorites 07/23

Yancey Arrington just released what looks to be an awesome new book – TAP: Defeating The Sins That Defeats You. The WP On Faith blog has a very interesting ethical dilemma concerning twitter – The Executioner’s Tweet. The CNN belief blog notes some interesting exchanges in Congress debates biblical stance on immigration. Ed Stetzer has a helpful post explaining


Friday Favorites 07/16

Reminder: The giveaway of A Theological Interpretation of American History ends Monday. Steve Hays answers What does the unbeliever know? for the apologetic minded. Rozie answers Liberty University students that ask what can they do about the recent issues with their former Dean Ergun Caner. Jason at Witnesses Unto Me provides new legal documentation


Link Us

I was playing with creating a logo/banner for the site. I’m not sure exactly where I might put it yet on this blog. I’m open to suggestions. Also, I’ve decided to made it available for anyone else who wants to link here using the logo. There will be a Link to Us page in the navigation menu above. Check it out below. Want to link to us? Copy the link and put this 125 x 125 banner in on your site. <a href=””><img src=””></a>


Keep Up With Your Favorite Blogs

New on my blog roll is a site called My Christian Blogs.  First, for those unfamiliar with my blogroll it’s listed in three categories in collapsible format.  Click to open and there you have it. OK, where were we?  This new site is actually an aggregator for certain Christian blogs.  It looks to be a great one-stop resource to read your favorite or not so favorite Christian blogs. What makes it nice is that you can see the title of the last several blog posts of the listed blogs.  This makes for an easy scan of the latest posts to …keep reading »

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Wanna Be A Christian Blogger?

Well, do ya? Fellow blogger Matt Svoboda, and soon to be co-blogger (sshh!), is looking for some folks to contribute to two blogs. The first is SBC Voices where Matt just took over as editor. (Congratulations!)  SBC Voices is looking for theologically conservative Southern Baptist contributors. Second, is Evangelical Village which is a community blog that Matt founded.  The applicants may be theologically conservative Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, etc. I can’t guarantee that you will get the position just because you apply.  However, you have a much better chance if you do apply. I’m not sure how Matt wants to be …keep reading »


Prayer and Devotion Online

I can’t believe that I will have been blogging for five years come June 2009.  Blogs and websites come and go.  I’m not sure how or even why I’ve perservered so far.  Looking back, I’ve come a long way.  Looking ahead, I’ve got a long way to go. Two Quick Items There are so many great Christian resources online today.  I just keep giving my small contribution to whoever will have me.  I continue to try to improve my writing skills and, more importantly, edify those who stop by for the body of Christ.  I want to share with you …keep reading »


What About This Blog?

There’s been quite a few new visitors here lately.  I’m sure it’s not too hard to tell what this blog is  about by clicking around.  However, as part of the Build a Better Blog Challenge day 1, the challenge is to briefly tell what the blog is about. And my answer to what this blog is about? The theme is: Christian theological insights on culture, religion & the latest news from a Southern Baptist for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I try to think through and reply to various issues from a Christian perspective with the Bible as my guide.  …keep reading »


Top 100 Theology Blogs: I Made It

Jessica Merritt has posted a list of the Top 100 Theology Blogs (  I made the list at # 17 and want to say thank you.  I can’t believe it, but I appreciate it.  How did I make it?  I don’t know, but if anyone is going to put my blog in the top 100 of anything I’m grateful. Check out the list.  You may find it useful.  It’s broken down into the categories: General Theology, Criticism, Politics, History, Academic, Clergy, Society & Culture and Writings. Some days I wonder if it’s worth keeping the blog going.  Lists like this …keep reading »


And here we are Southern Baptists and all readers

Just giving this a post to test a few things. Thanks, Mark