The posts below are about need mostly dealing with ministries and people in need of help whether it be prayer, financial or volunteering.

Pictures: Atlanta Snow Storm Abandoned Vehicles

I previously shared about my inability to drive home which led to a night in the Sandy Springs shelter in Snowed Out Atlanta: A Night in the Shelter. Below are a few pictures I snapped on the what home of abandoned vehicles on the Sandy Springs/Cobb County line at the Chattahoochee River. (My wife asked a friend of ours to make an “I survived” t-shirt about the Atlanta snow storm, so she did: “I Survived the Georgia Gridlock Blizzard January 2014.”) [Note: Images may not load on mobile devices.]

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Snowed Out Atlanta: A Night in the Shelter

Last night I left my office to go home at about 12:30 in the afternoon. Seven hours later I had traveled 3 miles. I stopped at Firehouse Subs in Sandy Springs only to meet some of my fellow stranded Atlantans. We ate dinner at Firehouse watching as cars inched forward on Roswell Road for over an hour. I decided not to get back into traffic going and resume my .5 MPH pace. I figured I would sleep in my car, but my wife had other ideas. She was not going to worry about her stranded husband all night sleeping in …keep reading »


Help the Scott Family!

Imagine Imagine – you just celebrated 15 years of marriage along with 6 little blessings from the Lord. Despite the rough economy, you’re doing okay. Your wife resigns from her job to follow her dream of going to nursing school. You put down the $5,000 you saved on a late model car. Then – imagine losing your job. Thankfully, early retirement money saves you – for a few months – while you both look for new jobs. Your wife’s nursing school is on hold. Unfortunately, the car and rent payments don’t have a hold button. The bank gets the late …keep reading »


Faith-Based FEMA

Check out the short interview below in devastated Oklahoma where the tornado struck. Brian Williams, the reporter, mentions that “there’s FEMA and then there’s the faith-based FEMA.” The man being interviewed explains that we can’t wait on the government to help in this situation, but the Baptist men are going to “get it done tomorrow.” If you’d like to donate to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to help those affected in Oklahoma City click here to donate online or call 1-866-407-NAMB (6262).

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Is Erick Erickson Right on the Evangelists’ Failure?

Conservative political blogger and talk radio host Erick Erickson, in his article “The Evangelists’ Failure“on, shares what he sees as one of Evangelical America’s biggest failures. Erickson is more than a conservative political pundit. He is also an Evangelical of the Presbyterian persuasion. I have listened to Erickson many times on the local radio station while sifting through Atlanta traffic. He is a sharp, insightful, and fair brother. Based on some of the information he provides to his listeners, he is also politically well-connected. I appreciate brother Erickson’s insights on culture and politics, but I’m not convinced of his conclusion …keep reading »


The Reach of Pornography in the Church

Denny Burk quotes Heath Lambert on pornography from the latest issue of JBWM. Pornography is the defining sexual sin of our day. In Christian circles adultery and homosexuality often capture more headlines, but I am persuaded that in terms of sheer numbers they cannot hold a candle to the devastation of pornography. Last year I counseled six people struggling with homosexuality and around eighteen caught in adultery and fornication. I don’t know exactly how many I helped who were locked in pornography, but the number is in the dozens. As bad as that number sounds those people are not the …keep reading »


Want to Help Over 200 Children?

The life of a child is priceless, but helping children is not free. Sandy Springs Mission helps over 200 children year round and they need your help! The Mission helps kids in grades 1-12 through their After School Program, Life Skills Program and Summer Camps. These enrichment programs help many at-risk students from low-income families living in Sandy Springs, GA. The Mission, with your support, will give these young people help they might not otherwise receive. The Mission changes kids’ lives and helps them succeed. Mission volunteers help the kids: increase self-confidence, improve grades, and keep them working toward their diplomas. …keep reading »

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Gone Fishin’, a Sabbatical

In case some of you have noticed my absence and  have wondered where I have been, I’m going to tell you. I have been on a temporary sabbatical. Lord willing, I will return. During this time I’m going fishing in a sense by revisiting the time when Jesus reeled me in. This is a time of repentance, renewal, refreshing and a seeking of joy in Christ for my soul. Life can be overwhelming at times. For example, Christians have daily spiritual needs of which I have been lately neglectful. Sprinkle some recent financial issues on top and this time of …keep reading »


Why is this Good News?

Dear readers, read the following Scripture. “Men of Israel, hear these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a man attested to you by God with mighty works and wonders and signs that God did through him in your midst, as you yourselves know—this Jesus, delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God, you crucified and killed by the hands of lawless men. God raised him up, loosing the pangs of death, because it was not possible for him to be held by it. (Acts 2:22-24 ESV) Now I would remind you, brothers, of the gospel I preached to you, …keep reading »


Half-Price: Hand-Carved Five Solas Plate!

The above plate was hand-carved by my wife’s Uncle Rodger McKinney, a retired minister on disability. The plate was originally offered at $105 with shipping included.1 Read more about that plate in the original post including the offer to request your own custom plate. The price has been reduced to only $50 (shipping included). If you are interested in the five solas plate pictured above or would like to inquire about a custom plate please use my CONTACT page and let me know. Thanks! ________________


Occupy My Vote?

I’ve gotten some questions since being a finalist in the Blogging Scholarship and asking for votes so that I might win $10,000 which I would use to pay for seminary.1 I suppose with all of the Occupy Wall Street2 stuff going on people leery of someone else asking for something. Or people probably just want to know things like – Who’s asking? Where would the money go? Does my vote really matter? Does he deserve it? First, it is a lot easier to occupy a vote for me than it is to join the Occupy Wall Street movement. You can …keep reading »


Scholarship Voting Reset: I Need Your Help Please!

OK, folks. I recently asked for your vote for the $10,000 Blogging Scholarship which, if I won, I would use to pay for seminary.1 Some people were getting votes that were off the charts in comparison to the amount of monthly website visits they get.  A few of us on twitter noticed this trend of what seemed to be an unusually high number of votes for some of the contestants. Well, things have just changed! The scholarship administration just sent out emails to the contestants informing us that some changes have been made to the contest due to “ballot stuffing.” …keep reading »


Help! I’ve Got a Serious Problem

My buddy Frank says I’ve got a serious problem.1 But then my buddy James says that I’m good folk.2 Are they just playing good-friend/bad-friend? Who are you going to believe? Hint: They are both friends who are trying to help me with the same cause. And I need your help too! I recently wrote an entry essay which was accepted for the 2011 Blogging Scholarship contest.3 Last year I participated in the contest and by the grace of God I came in third. The competition was steep last year and looks to be stronger this year. The winner gets a …keep reading »


Blogging Scholarship Entry Essay 2011

Last year I wrote an essay in an attempt to apply for the Blogging Scholarship contest.1 My entry was accepted and I was entered into the contest. The competition was tough. I was very thankful that though I did not win, ultimately ended up getting enough votes to win third place.2 It’s that time of year again and I could use your prayers and possibly your votes soon. I shared last year’s entry essay so I’m sharing this year’s too. Blogging Scholarship Entry Essay 2011 I would love to be able to say that I started blogging to change the …keep reading »

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For Sale: Hand-Carved Five Solas Plate

The above plate was hand-carved by my wife’s Uncle Rodger McKinney, a retired minister on disability. He made my wife and I a beautiful plate for our wedding day. He also made one for our daughter’s high school graduation which was a hit with all of her friends. He has made plates as well as other types of carvings. Below is an example of a custom plate he made for one church. The price of the five solas plate is $105.00 including shipping. All proceeds will go to Rodger McKinney. If you are interested in the five solas plate or …keep reading »


A Rough Seminary Semester, Part I

This past 2011 spring semester (January – May) was rough. A lot happened in that five month span. I knew it was going to be busy since I was taking four classes in addition to my family, job, deacon duties, my daughter’s high school graduation and a teaching assignment at church. I began to feel the weight of the semester at the beginning when I found out how much reading and writing two of the classes required (these were week long intensive classes). Not long after being home from the one week intensives a friend’s father committed suicide. In light …keep reading »


IMB Missionary Interview for

The International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention recently launched a website to encourage Christians reach out to their Muslim neighbors. The website is and the timing of the launch was no mistake as the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 approaches. I had the privilege to send a few question to the person behind the vision for the website. That person is, Lil Brooks, the IMB Project Coordinator for Loving Muslims. Lil Brooks may be reached via the email linked here. I pray the interview is helpful and the website useful to help Christians reach their Muslim …keep reading »


We Could Both Win A $1000!

Last year I wrote about the “Logos Bible Software Seminary Scholarship” in Money for Seminary? I have been working toward the M.Div. for a year and a half now. The economy hasn’t gotten any better, but the Lord is still providing a way for me to attend seminary. What I wrote on this topic last year still applies so I won’t repeat it all here. But I will repeat one thing regardless of the circumstances – Praise God! I will praise God whether or not I win the scholarship contest Logos is awarding this year on August 10, 2011.  And we …keep reading »


Jim Wallis and Richard Land Debate Morality and the Deficit

The video topics break down as follows: Why the budget is a moral document (02:34) What’s the real cause of the deficit? (05:04) Debating taxes for the wealthy and entitlements (08:14) Jim: The poorest shouldn’t bear the brunt of balancing the budget (03:03) Does baby boomer retirement make means-testing necessary? (05:11) The parable of the British piano tuner (06:44) Land and Wallis begin agreeing that debt is a moral issue. Wallis says that the spending on the poor is not the cause of the deficit and wants the faith community to provide a “circle of protection around the poorest and …keep reading »

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More Photos of Alabama Tornado Damage

I recently posted about an area in Alabama that did not get much media coverage and is in need of help. (See: Help Needed for Overlooked Alabama Tornado Victims) The folks mention in that post can still use your help. I’m thankful and encouraged by the responses to help so far. I’ve been sent some more pictures from the same area which are shared below.


Help Needed for Overlooked Alabama Tornado Victims

The recent tornadoes that ripped through Alabama left several devastated victims. Unfortunately, over 200 of those victims died and most of the survivors are now rebuilding their lives. As far as I know many of the tornado hit areas received national or regional news coverage. I am writing today about an area that did not receive much news coverage. There is an area in Alabama named Clifton Corners which is around the Fort Payne and Rainsville areas. The above picture was taken minutes before Clifton Corners was hit. As I understand it the area got some local news coverage, but …keep reading »


Did Mark Richt Make Me A Dawgs Fan?

Being a graduate of Georgia Southern University (GSU) hasn’t really influenced me to be a Georgia Bulldogs (UGA) fan. I was actually not a fan for a few years after I got to see how poorly Dawg fans treated GA Southern fans when played against each other. See, UGA and GSU play each other every four years in what is essentially a money game. GSU is a smaller school and so UGA is expected to win, but a lot of money is raised and the smaller school gets larger than normal exposure. At the game I attended you would have …keep reading »


Daily Appropriating the Gospel

When we look at Paul’s letter to the Galatians, we realize that it is easy for us to follow false gospels of various kinds. We need to remind ourselves that all of us follow and lean on various false gospels. Detecting them is difficult because they often are below our theological radar. Few well-churched Christians would actually claim that good parenting, punctuality, etiquette, physical fitness, and active church involvement would be a way of achieving peace with God, but we live as if these are proven ways of gaining God’s love and favor. We need to begin with an assumption …keep reading »


10,000 Reasons to Vote for Me?

I asked for help for The Blogging Scholarship and shared my essay. You answered. Guess what? Praise the Lord, I made the top 10! Please CLICK HERE to vote for me, Mark Lamprecht, to help me win a $10,000 scholarship to help pay for seminary. That is 10,000 reasons to vote for me and I’d really appreciate your help. It’ll only take a moment. Thank you!


My Hymnbook Helps Church Planting

Matt Henslee has put together a project called My Hymnbook where he uses his musical gifts to raise money for church plants. He is taking songs from an old Psalter or Hymnbook and putting them to a simple new tune. My Hymnbook: Volume I, which you can listen below, will send 80% of the proceeds directly to helping Renovation Church, a new church plant launching January 16, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. The church plant was started by Pastor Leonce Crump II. I got to have lunch with Leonce and did an interview with him about Renovation. You can check out …keep reading »

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My Blogging Scholarship Essay

I recently asked my readers if they would consider nominating me for The Blogging Scholarship which, if won, would help me pay for seminary. I truly appreciate all who nominated me. Thank you! Today is the last day to submit a nomination or to apply for yourself if you’re a blog owner. I applied today and below I will share my 300 word or less application essay. My Blogging Scholarship Essay I started blogging out of frustration. I was frustrated about various theological issues in evangelicalism at large. I would write mostly to vent at first. As time went on, …keep reading »


Seminary Can Be Expensive So…Nominate Me?

As many of you know, I’m currently enrolled in seminary working towards an M.Div. As many of you may also know, seminary is not free. Throw in a family which includes a teenager and an injured wife with medical bills, and seminary seems even more expensive. Wait – don’t leave – I’m not asking you for money! All I’m asking is for you to please nominate me for The Blogging Scholarship. This scholarship is worth $10,000 for the winner. Here are two basic reasons for you to vote for me: You appreciate what I do here and would like to show …keep reading »


Help Request for a Metro-Atlanta Mission

The Sandy Springs Mission is at that point of the year again where they need help! Yes, it is fund raising time. Praise the Lord as He has blessed and continues to provide for this Mission. The challenge is to raise $50,000 by Friday, October 8, 2010. The money is needed to continue the work of the their after-school enrichment program in Sandy Springs, Georgia. So I’m reaching out again as I’ve done the last two years. I appreciate the past donations and hope you will prayerfully consider giving if you’re able. Believe me, I know times are tough, but …keep reading »


Help needed for Guatemala

Hi everyone.  A good friend of mine needs your help! His name is Dave Salzman. He needs help raising funds for an event with Hope for Guatemala. Last August, I was grateful to be able to help a local mission raise


Money for seminary?

I recently started seminary working toward an MDiv. Getting through seminary while having a family and full-time job looks to be a pretty big task. Additionally, paying for seminary after recently experiencing a large personal economic downturn is an equally difficult task. However uncomfortable times may be, the Lord is providing. Of course, if He provided just a bit more I would not complain. I am very appreciative for how the Lord is


Christmas On 20 Bucks

You might be thinking – Can I really do Christmas for 20 bucks? Yes, you can. You can do it for someone else. Children. Children in need. The Christmas list for these children does not include an Xbox, Wii, iPhone, Karaoke machine, laptop, remote controlled helicopter, a robot, DVD, etc. etc. They will not complain nor be disappointed if they get clothes instead of toys. These are Compassion children and you can read the story, Giving Christmas Back, about how a small (by our standards) gift made a difference. Read more in the archived stories area. It is tough to …keep reading »


Help Needed for Local Atlanta Mission

I need your help! Sandy Springs Mission needs your help! Who? What? The Sandy Springs Mission needs help for their after-school program. They minister to low-income elementary and middle-school children and their families in this Metro Atlanta community.These young people get help they might not otherwise receive. The mission helps in these areas.

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Wanna Be A Christian Blogger?

Well, do ya? Fellow blogger Matt Svoboda, and soon to be co-blogger (sshh!), is looking for some folks to contribute to two blogs. The first is SBC Voices where Matt just took over as editor. (Congratulations!)  SBC Voices is looking for theologically conservative Southern Baptist contributors. Second, is Evangelical Village which is a community blog that Matt founded.  The applicants may be theologically conservative Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, etc. I can’t guarantee that you will get the position just because you apply.  However, you have a much better chance if you do apply. I’m not sure how Matt wants to be …keep reading »


Helping Baby Hannah

There are times in our lives when we don’t understand the greater purposes of God in our lives.  These can be very hard and trying times, especially, when it comes to our children.  When your child is only 14 months old and a rare cancerous brain tumor is discovered the pain only gets worse.  Yet through the pain and tears you praise God and covet the prayers of your brothers and sisters in Christ.  This is where my friend, Pastor Yogi Taylor, and his wife, Kelli, are right now. Please pray for them and read the letter below to see …keep reading »

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Praising God When Your Baby Passes Away

Could you praise God in all things? Do you?  Could you praise God if He took a 3 month old infant to go home with Him?  Could you preach the funeral of this child?  How about preaching the Gospel at the funeral including mentioning that all are sinners?  Could you speak about the glorifying God and enjoying Him forever?  Could you speak of God’s grace in such a way?  Could you trust in the goodness and sovereignty of God?  Could you speak about it? Could you do all of the above if you were the father of the 3 month …keep reading »

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A Calvinist Helping Missions?

Dear Readers, I still need your help in being sponsored and this is the last week! This Friday, November 21st, I will be joining 30 other men to help raise money for the Sandy Springs Mission in Atlanta, GA.  I found out last week that this mission will most likely run out of money in March 2009. What this mission does Sandy Springs Mission ministers to children in our community by: after-school programs (designed to help increase the literacy rate among low-income families) helping these young people learn to – read – write – communicate effectively (to help them thrive …keep reading »


Southern Baptist Pastors: A Must Read Letter

Open Letter to All Pastors of Churches in the SBC Dear Pastor, Let me first clarify that this letter is for Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) pastors in general. I am well aware that what you are about to read does not include all pastors – at least not in totality. …What is really so remarkable about the question of SBC decline is not the decline itself, but rather the simple answer that is so obvious no one will talk about with any seriousness openly in the SBC. Read the whole thing!


Blog Action Day 2008:Poverty

What is poverty?  How do we fight poverty?  Can we do more?  How do we do more?  What is particular day all about? What is Blog Action Day? Today thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue – poverty. We aim to raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web! (click the banner for more info.) The Issue Like many things the answers to the above questions depends on who you ask.  I imagine the most basic elements that define poverty would be people who don’t have enough food and water on a daily basis with maybe …keep reading »


Prayer and Donations Needed!

It wasn’t too long ago that a young pastor of a small church needed a vehicle for his family.  Word of this need spread through the blogs.  Several of us gave what we could and it added up in a short time.  Go read about what happened and then come back here to read the rest of this post. Well, I discovered a very important need in the body of Christ due to a linking to my fundraising auction (see HT below).  This is an immediate and ongoing need.  Josh Rittenhouse’s mother, Carol, has cancer.  Treatment for her is very …keep reading »


Prayers Needed: The Katrina Aftermath

My very good friend Russ has asked for prayers in his Rebuilding Lakeshore post. The damage in this area is more than many of us realize. I guess if it doesn’t serve the political interest of certain groups nor sell articles and papers then those whose lives were drastically affected aren’t so important anymore. I have friends that have spent much time there since Katrina hit. Sadly, I’ve not had the opportunity to get over there and help. Yes, shame on me. If anyone wants to help in any way that you I’m sure you can just get in touch …keep reading »

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The Assembly Interview: A Pastor with a Church in Need

I met a couple of pastors, Charlie Scalf and Adam Fann, at the Southern Baptist Building Bridges Conference a few weeks ago. They pastor a church called The Assembly Baptist Church in downtown Johnson City, TN. I met them through my good friends John and Shannon Jordan who I have known for several years. I also got to meet the Jordans’ pastor, Reggie, who you will read about below. Reggie was nice enough to buy us all Tom Schreiner’s newest book on baptism. After spending a few days with sitting with and eating with these guys I got to know …keep reading »


Eat on $32 a month!

Can you eat on only $32 a month? “Impossible,” you say? It may not be possible for you, but let me tell you about a some people for whom it is possible. The children that you can sponsor at Compassion is who they are. This is not about what just over $1 a day gets you. It’s about what it can get a child in need. Educational opportunities Health care and supplemental nutrition, if necessary Church-sponsored activities that build social skills Most important of all, the opportunity to hear the gospel, receive Christ, and grow in faith. Disclosure: We sponsor …keep reading »