Christ Our Righteousness Is Risen

We have finished the doctrine of Christ’s humiliation, wherein the Sun of righteousness appeared to you as a setting sun, gone out of sight; but as the sun when it is gone down to us, begins a new day in another part of the world, so Christ, having finished his course and work in this world, rises again, and that, in order to the acting another glorious part of his work in the world above. In his death, he was in a sense totally eclipsed; but in his resurrection, he begins to recover his light and glory again. An angel descends from heaven, to roll away the stone, and, with it, the reproach of his death ; and to announce his resurrection to the two Maries, whose love to Christ had, at this time, drawn them to visit the sepulchre, where they lately left him.

At this time (the Lord being newly risen) the keepers were trembling, and become as dead men. So great was the terrible majesty and awful solemnity attending Christ’s resurrection; but, to encourage these pious souls, the angel anticipates them with these good tidings; ” He is not here; for he is risen, as he said: come, seethe place where the Lord lay:”  Be not troubled, though you have not the end you came for, one sight more of your dear, though dead Jesus; yet you have not lost your labour; for, to your eternal comfort, I tell you, “he is risen, as he said.” And to put it out of doubt, come hither and satisfy yourselves, ” See the place where the Lord lay.”  THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE OPENED; A DISPLAY OF CHRIST IN HIS ESSENTIAL AND MEDIATORIAL GLORY. BY JOHN FLAVEL. 1671. LONDON. p. 395.

To conclude, Christ’s body was raised from the dead to be glorified and crowned with honour. Oh it was a joyful day to him ; and so will the resurrection of the saints be to them, the day of the gladness of their hearts. It will be said to them in that morning, ” Awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust,” as Isa. xxvi. 19. Oh how comfortable will be the meeting between the glorified soul and its new-raised body.  ibid. 401.

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