Will A Christian Nation Earn God’s Favor?

Dr. Michael Youssef answers the questions, “How can you say America is a Christian Nation? How can a country be Christian?” in Can there be a Christian nation?

He answers that it is the individuals, not a country or culture, that are Christian. He explains that people refer to America’s Christian heritage by the moral virtues as seen in its laws and ordinances.

He then goes on to write about evoking God’s response with the following:

Make no mistake about it: the moral character of a nation, as expressed in its policies and laws, can evoke God’s response. I don’t mean that our heavenly Father would send fire and brimstone from heaven in response to a nation that embraces ungodly laws and policies. But He can and will withdraw His protection from a people who once declared Him as their Lord and then become rebellious and an immoral affront to Him.

How should one think biblically about Dr. Youssef’s statements in this article and some of the statements on his Covenant to Pray for America site? I think we should pray for America and have given my thoughts on just how the Apostle Paul may have prayed in Inauguration Day.

But there is more to think about.

Laws put in place do not change the hearts of people. The Apostle Paul was zealous for God’s law, yet he need Christ. The rich young ruler kept God’s law, yet he needed Christ. Even keeping God’s law did not earn favor with God.

So I wonder. Can America earn God’s favor based on the character of its laws? What would God’s favor look like in the Nation? Can a Nation actually repent in a manner pleasing to God without receiving Christ?

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