Christmas On 20 Bucks

You might be thinking – Can I really do Christmas for 20 bucks?

Yes, you can. You can do it for someone else. Children. Children in need.

The Christmas list for these children does not include an Xbox, Wii, iPhone, Karaoke machine, laptop, remote controlled helicopter, a robot, DVD, etc. etc. They will not complain nor be disappointed if they get clothes instead of toys.

These are Compassion children and you can read the story, Giving Christmas Back, about how a small (by our standards) gift made a difference. Read more in the archived stories area. It is tough to decide which is harder to believer – that a family of three can barely dine at a fast food joint for under $20 or that only $20 can make a child’s Christmas. What is not tough to decide is which is more memorable.

Whether you sponsor a Compassion child or not, you can make a child’s Christmas for only $20. It’s quick and easy. Just go to their:

No wrapping, brainstorming or picking out gifts. Just click and fill-out a few lines and your done.

My wife and I sponsor a Compassion child and it is a blessing to get her letters and send our to her. It is a joy each year to send her a Christmas gift too.

Thanks for considering making a difference for a child at Christmas.


P.s. I should have posted this sooner. To make sure the gifts get their by Christmas please give as soon as possible.

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1 Darrin November 3, 2009 at 5:49 pm

Thanks, Mark. This ministry has also greatly blessed us since we began with a dear child named Boyke early this year. And yes, folks don’t need to sponsor a child to give this gift – I believe for Christmas it goes into a general pool, and then they distribute it to all or as many children as they can. So the more donations the better. I encourage people to click the link!

2 Mark Lamprecht November 3, 2009 at 8:30 pm

Compassion International has been a blessing. More to the children I’m sure. It is great to hear about your sponsored child. Thanks!


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