Church Fundraising: How?

I have given a few passing thoughts lately to church fundraising. I know there are times when churches need money just to meet their normal budget since the congregation doesn’t normally give well. However, I am speaking more of raising money for extra projects like new building additions, rennovations or a new multi-million dollar sanctuary with two escalators. Okay, maybe the escalator comment is too much…maybe not if it’s true.  Okay, I’m not telling any church how they should spend their money.  I am just making a few observations.  It seems that there are some modern day Tetzel’s selling new buildings for blessings.

This article Thought: How Shall We Finance the Work of the Church? has some good and shocking observations such as membership fees.  Memebership fees?  An observation manipulation from the article.

Some churches have chosen to raise funds through manipulation and guilt. I have been in churches where the names of all church families were publicly displayed on a chart along with the giving record of each family. I have seen other charts on which family names were listed along with the volunteer service they did through the church. One prominent Baptist church regularly distributed the list of what each family pledged and how much each family had given toward that pledge at that particular time. There is nothing like public disclosure to prompt giving.

If those aren’t examples of manipulation I don’t know what is.  There are other methods such as telling people that the will be immediately blessed if they give to such and such project.  Or sometimes in the middle of the sermon the pastor ties in certain project with the sermon appealing to everyone to give.  This may happen after getting everyone emotionally worked up with the mood music playing in the background while making the appeal.

What’s even sadder is that this can happen to the detriment of regular giving.  What I mean is that these special projects may see some huge funding while the normal monetary needs of the church are at a deficit for the year.  That’s just sad.  

These are just some observations of methods I don’t agree with.  It seems a better thing to do would be to ask people to faithfully and prayerfully give to said project beyond their normal offering making sure they don’t take away from it.  And the congregation needs to understand that giving faithfully doesn’t equal giving democratically.  Just because you give more money than others doesn’t mean you get to control how the money is spent.

I’m just sayin…


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1 pastor jun factor April 23, 2009 at 8:32 am


iAM part of a leadership team of a church here in the Philippines. We are in the middle of a fundraising for a church building. I just have some concern regarding the church policy regarding whether it is allowed in the scripture to accept donations/funds from gambling or other vices. We will not directly solicit from these people but if they voluntarily give it to the church and we accept it, are we not going to compromise righteousness or are we violating any part of the scripture?”

Pls help us be clarified because in 2 days we are going to make a decision. Thank you so much for your time


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