Conscience Vs. Constitution: Stephanopoulos Grills Huckabee, Overlooks When Obama Ignored Constitution

Mike Huckabee was recently interviewed about Kim Davis’ jailing by George Stephanopoulos on “this Week” on ABC (video below). The interview went well for Huckabee who made some good points about law making, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution. Stephanopoulos asked a gotcha question attempting to pit Huckabee’s conscience against the Constitution while overlooking President Obama’s actions when he ignored the Constitution in favor of conscience.

At about the five-minute mark, Stephanopoulos plays a clip of President John F. Kennedy discussing conscience vs. national interest. Kennedy explained that were he to face a dilemma that pitted his conscience against national interest, he would resign his office.

Then, Stephanopoulos presses Kennedy’s statement asking Huckabee if he would take the same position. This line of questioning falls back on to Kim Davis’ situation where many believe she should have resigned instead of denying marriage licenses. Huckabee rightly points out that there is a larger Constitutional issue in play that concerns passing laws and the division of power, etc.

Stephanopoulos misses an opportunity to express how even President Obama did not follow Kennedy’s position. In 2011, ABC News reported that Obama “instructed the Justice Department to stop defending the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.” Ironic that Stephanopoulos could have used Obama as an example to follow of someone who chose conscience over the Constitution.

It seems that acting on conscience in violation of the Constitution is only okay for liberals like President Obama (and others) while those, like Kim Davis, who act on conscience for religious reasons do not get the same privilege.

Of course, the argument over the Constitutionality of what many see as the Supreme Court making law is just beginning.

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