Considering Death

Do you consider death?  After death?  It’s not the most comfortable thing to think about even for Christians.  It’s even tougher to talk about.  There is one such talk that you want to hear,  Rachel Barkey’s.

If you’ve not watched the video or downloaded the mp3 yet of Rachel Barkey at her site Death is Not Dying, please do so.  It’s a remarkable testimony of Jesus Christ given by Mrs. Barkey.  She is only 37 years old and will die of cancer in the coming months or sooner.

What about her spouse?  I want to direct you to friend and sister in Christ Carla.  She went through something similar as the surviving spouse.  Read her post Death is Not Dying: A Message We Need to Hear.  Her husband rejoiced to go home to Jesus.  She was left in a very difficult situation.  Please read her story.

Carla’s story will help realize the importance of being there for the surviving family members of those who’ve passed away.  As a body of Christ we need to be there for each other.

We need to be aware of their needs.  It’s not easy.  We fall short.  I’m offering this reminder for myself as much as I am for any who read this.

It’s all about the Gospel.  So consider your life and others’ in light of it.


[Photo taken from the header of Death is Not Dying]

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