Conspiracy: How to Use the Media to Control Citizens

Maybe I’ve read Behold a Pale Horse one too many times, but the scripted news below exposed by Conan O’Brien fits nicely into a conspiracy theory. OK, confession: I haven’t read nor owned the book in over a decade. I also have not been a Free Mason in over a decade. Yet, Conspiracy theories are fascinating on many levels. I don’t really buy into conspiracies, but the amount of truth that seems sometimes found in them can be scary.

For example, watching the humorous videos below from Conan showing scripted news reports is a little frightening. Sure, it is funny how all those reporters shared the same story almost verbatim. Yet, it is also frightening how seemingly easy it is to feed information to media outlets who will simply repeat the information to their audience.

I understand that sometimes reporters grab a story off the AP and just read it. They may be pressed for time and need a quick story. But the underlying principle of how easy it is to seemingly control and spread information without fact checking is scary! Check out the scripted news.

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1 nvahalik December 30, 2013 at 1:56 pm

I used to suffer quite a bit from panic attacks induced by media-fueled anxiety about everything from peak oil to TEOTWAWKI scenarios.  I will admit that knowing God is Lord over all has been the largest force in reducing those fears, but a healthy dose of common sense works wonders as well.

Recently, a friend pointed out this podcast to me:  While this guys are crude and have a generally secular worldview, they do a pretty decent job of addressing the real issues and taking the media to task about how commercialized they are.

In the latest episode I’ve listened to (12/26/2013) they address this directly talking about how the reason why all of these news programs are doing year-in-reviews is because that they generate very little news on their own and rely heavily on PR agencies and the AP.  The majority of media is really just information regurgitated from other sources and repackaged to look like news, when in reality it is simply driven by all manner of corporate and political interests.

All that to say — yes it is downright scary.  But I’m not sure what’s more scary, the fact that they do it or the fact that it works and people can’t discriminate and think for themselves.  I’m inclined to believe the latter.


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