Dear Same-Sex Marriage

Dear Same-sex marriage,

May I call you SSM? Thanks! So, what are you? And what have you done with marriage?

Actually, you haven’t done anything with marriage. I’m here writing you. Yes, this is Marriage sending you a note. I’m a little upset that you’re trying to do away with me by re-defining me. However, I am not some novelty act, but a staple of society. Men and women use me to build families by bringing children into the world who then repeat the cycle.

I am still here today, but not if it were up to you, SSM. For you are trying to re-define me. Look, I have enough trouble on my own with how people abuse me. Yes, I’m talking about ‘opposite-sex marriage’. See how weird that sounds?

Society is not helped by your new construct that re-defines and abuses me even more.  I understand that with the qualifier “same-sex” you are trying to make way for homosexuals to marry. Some have called you “gay marriage” which is a bit of a misnomer. See, I don’t discriminate and homosexuals are more than welcome to utilize me.

But marriage is not really your desire is it? Marriage by people of the same-sex to each other is your desire, hence a call to re-define me. In your mind you may have already re-defined me. Now you are asking the government to validate your new definition.

Adding “same-sex” to me is sort of like Clayton Moore putting on the Lone Ranger outfit. The Lone Ranger is a fictional character and no matter how often Moore put on the mask, he was still Clayton Moore pretending to be the Lone Ranger.  SSM, no matter what mask you slap on me people will see through it. Call me what you will, but that doesn’t validate your re-definition of marriage anymore than Mr. Moore walking around in a mask creates another episode of the Lone Ranger.

I, Marriage, exist for a purpose. My purpose begins with man and woman. I am social construct within the natural order of humankind that seeks to build and establish the social unit called family. Granted, families aren’t perfect and have their own issues. Sometimes other factions of society take over where certain families fail, but that does not negate my design and purpose.

For example, a common pencil has a design and purpose. Pencils are used for making marks for some form of communication whether it be art, language et al. Pencils can be used in a variety of other ways, but that is not their design nor benefit appeal.

Suppose a man broke into your house and you stopped him by stabbing him with a pencil and then subduing him. The pencil worked as a makeshift self-defense weapon at that moment, but it is highly unlikely that BIC would then slap a label that reads “Personal Self-Defense Pencils” on a pack of pencils. Pencils were not designed for self-defense.

SSM, please bear with me for one more moment. If you are universally successful in getting governments around America to endorse you, will you try to force your way into services designed for me? Will you attempt to force services from people who rightfully find you illegitimate? Will you seek government intervention for marriage counselors, religious institutions, individual clergy and such to make them serve you?

I have an idea. Why not lobby for your own special Same-sex Marriage license? You could attach your label across the board and re-define industries by having services such as same-sex marriage counselors, for example. SSM, you could then keep your new distinct “marriage” category without re-defining me. This would allow you to keep your own value system in place while allowing those who disagree with you to keep their naturally inherent marriage system intact. Not that I think this is the best route, but at least it would minimize your infringement upon me.

I know much more could be said, but thanks for your consideration thus far.



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