Debate: Christian Vs. Black Hebrew Israelite

Brother Saiko Woods recently debated a Black Hebrew Israelite (whose name I did not catch). The debate topic was Black Hebrew Israelites & The Authority of Scripture.

I’m not sure how influential the Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI) are, but there are several YouTube videos showing them in public in a few big cities. The only person I know who has had any face-to-face with BHI’s is a Facebook friend who used to be one. Check out the debate below!

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1 Cylais Brixton October 18, 2014 at 11:31 pm

Just wanted to say that Brother Hosea is correct when he says that Saiko is in error as to his interpretation of Mark 7:15. Personally I would have shown him right there in that chapter. The story speaks of Pharisees seeing Jesus’ disciples eating BREAD but there is a tradition among the Pharisees where the hands need to washed in a ceremonial washing prior to eating anything. Jesus rebukes them in verse 6 quoting Isaiah 29:13 and tells them that they have pushed aside the Laws of God to honor the traditions of men. Then he says that his disciples eating this BREAD they were eating would not defile them because they hadn’t washed their hands not because they could eat things that God had originally stated were unclean. Remember, Jesus did not come to change the Law so to say that Jesus declared all meats clean would be doing that very thing. To believe that is to call Jesus a liar and a hypocrite. Also, Saiko gave no proof of the Ashkenaz Jewish Israelis formerly of Khazaria (because they were converts) being the Israelites of the Bible. Moreover, their history does not hold parallel to the curses in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 whereas the Negro, Hispanic and Native American peoples’ history does. Now one thing that I don’t completely agree with some of my Hebrew brothers is that no one else can come into the Kingdom of the Most High. Faith in Jesus saves you from the judgments of the law but does not give you permission to continue to transgress the Law. The idea is to repent. Many Christians say that the Law cannot be followed but the Bible clearly states that the Law is not burdensome (hard) and they are not. It was a good debate a bit one sided but my opinion is biased because I can see where the pastor erred. A Christian would no doubt say the opposite.


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