Deeper Conference in Atlanta: Paul Washer

UPDATE:  Paul Washer in Atlanta/Woodstock audio here!

No, the above video isn’t from the Deeper Conference. It’s the famous (infamous?) shocking youth message that Paul Washer delivered. It’s a kind of preaching that you don’t hear so much of and it’s good for the soul. If you’ve never heard or watched the above I encourage you to do so.

On October 17 – 18, 2008 here in the Atlanta area the Deeper Conference will be held at First Baptist Woodstock. I appreciate all the men and their topics to be presented. But there is just something a little unique about Mr. Washer’s preaching.

I hope to attend the conference…we’ll see.


p.s. Another good video is the Paul Washer Jams video.

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1 Bob Sharp June 13, 2008 at 11:41 am

Mark, Hello. I’ll just tell you. I’m familiar with this Washer video. I agree with his principles. But to come out and say that your profession of faith means nothing. That’s too much. I just think he was so into making his point, he went over the top. I have more, but it’s just my thought. -Bob

2 johnMark June 13, 2008 at 12:19 pm

Hi Bob!

Nice to “see” you again. I certainly understand who Washer’s word may not be so pleasing to the palate. He could have chosen better wording.

However. There’s always a however, isn’t there? 🙂 It seems the context in he’s speaking explains a little more of what he means.

Washer said

And He goes on and He says this, verse 21: Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my father who is in heaven will enter. Do you know what your profession of faith in Jesus Christ is worth? Absolutely nothing. Yes. Did you read that passage? Study it. Not everyone who comes to me and says, Lord, Lord . . . not everyone who professes, Lord, Lord, will enter into the kingdom of heaven. There are many people who are going to profess, “Lord, Lord,” but they are not going to enter into the kingdom of heaven. My dear precious child, are you one of them? “Lord, Lord.”

Moving ahead a little.

The evidence––the way that you can have assurance that you are genuinely a born-again Christian––is that you do, as a style of life, the will of the Father.

You say, “Oh, you’re talking about works.” No, I’m not. I’m talking about evidence of faith,
and it goes like this. Your profession of faith is no proof that you’re born again because everybody in this whole country professes faith in Jesus Christ. Barnard tells us that 65 to 70 percent of all Americans are saved, born-again Christians. The most Godless country on the face of the earth. Kill 4,000 babies a day but, bless God, 70 percent of us are born again. How do you know that the faith you have is not false? A style of life that is concerned about doing the will of the Father, that practices the will of the Father, and when you disobey the will of the Father, the Holy Spirit comes and reprimands you either personally through the written Word of God or through a brother or sister in Christ, and God puts you back on the path again. If you’re a genuine Christian, you cannot escape Him.

Then he goes on to give an example. I do understand though. I wish there were more preaching like this which includes biblical language dealing with repentance and faith.


3 Greg Gordon July 4, 2008 at 6:34 pm

I just wanted to let you know that paul washer will also be speaking at a revival conference that I am running a few days after the deeper conference: October 21-23

Revival Conference
October 21-23rd, 2008
Lilburn, Georgia,
United States

Speakers: Henry Blackaby, Paul Washer,
Denny Kenaston, Al Whittinghill, Bill McLeod,
Roger Ellsworth, Ralph Sutera, Don Currin,
Brent Williamson, Dean Taylor, Alan Martin.

4 johnMark December 1, 2008 at 12:38 am


If you will go here I believe that is the sermon you’re looking for.


5 Daniel Hancock November 30, 2008 at 11:52 pm

Do you know,Where i can Get the Sermon video’s from Paul washer he Preched at The Deeper Conf?

6 Daniel Hancock December 1, 2008 at 8:27 am

Thanks Mark, May GOD Bless you and Yours
Heb 12:1,2

7 reformatienl January 10, 2009 at 2:25 pm

25 indictments against Paul Washer:
1) willfully limiting the subjectmatter of Scripture
2) willfully presenting his own fabricated version of true christianity
3) willfully bringing himself under a cloak of godliness
4) willfully closing the book of Revelation and the Prophets
5) willfully painting the graves of the prophets for his own selfish ends
6) willfully presenting himself since 2002 with remarks that show Billy Graham
to be his brother, although Graham is high in the world and an archdeceiver
7) comparison with the whole of Scripture and the true old paths of the Reformation
show him to be a cloud without water
8) connection in the Netherlands to all false christianity has to offer, even with those
who publicly say calvinism is a complete error
9) presenting himself in 80.000 newspapers in the Netherlands smiling as though
the sins of the churches and the land are no problem to him
10) proclaiming a message of revival that has never come, thereby telling lies in Gods Name.
11) accepting in the core of his message two contradictive systems of doctrine
12) denying the witness of the Holy Spirit in the Reformation against THE antichrist in Rome
13) denying the blood of hunderthousands christian brothers and sisters against THE antichrist in Rome
14) going around the USA and the world to gain one proselyte that he makes a clone of himself
15) being silent about the developements in the outside world, only preaching for his own parish
16) laying burdens on small people, while leaving big names in bibleschools, synods, and gospelmusic
untouched and unmentioned
17) connecting himself to Kirk Cameron, known throughout the world for the message of a future antichrist
with Left Behind
18) himself not being able to go to Wallmart for fear of sinning, yet laying on big burdens on everyone else
19) printing his own material as though it is manna from heaven, yet is only copying a little text everyone
knows with some questions
20) saying he serves the God of heaven, yet he himself is an idolater of the ring on his own finger
21) his minister is Jeff Nobblit who teaches a future antichrist, that gain is godliness, and remains in the
SBC although a complete apostate body with a statue for Billy Graham
22) closing the Kingdom of God for the people by keeping silent about the true contents of the witness of the old paths
23) denying the true witness of the Waldenses, the reformers, the english puritans, the scottish covenanters
24) denying the true witness of Augustine against Pelagius, Luther against Rome, the Westminster and Dordt Synods
25) being a facilitator and manipulator replacing the true religion of the King Jesus Christ with a false one of the new world order

8 abclay January 10, 2009 at 7:45 pm


Because a pastor or teacher doesn’t agree with your (and many other good teachers) interpretation of the AntiChrist in Revelation as the Pope doesn’t mean that they are the AntiChrist themselves.

Is Rome wrong? Absolutely. Is the pope the AntiChrist? Couldn’t tell you.

You should refrain from trolling around and spamming your largely unsubstantiated claims against Paul Washer. Paul is a brother in Christ and if you are too, you should know better than acting the way you are acting. There are much heretical ideas in Christendom to expend your energy combating.


9 abclay January 10, 2009 at 8:04 pm

If anyone is interested in checking out this guy’s beef with washer, you can see it here.

10 reformatienl January 17, 2009 at 4:36 pm

Hello Abclay, my reply with @@, reformatienl

You wrote:

Because a pastor or teacher doesn’t agree with your (and many other good teachers) interpretation of the AntiChrist in Revelation as the Pope doesn’t mean that they are the AntiChrist themselves.
@@ You are right in this. The only problem with this is that it is not my personal opinion alone. First of all Scripture and history are clear about the marks of THE antichrist, all of them have been fullfilled in the papal antichrist. Secondly image a lare auditory where Paul Washer and Jeff Noblit will defend on stage their view on Revelation, namely a future antichrist. This time the public is not ignorant men who use Gods Name in the pulpits to get a monthly paycheck, but invited are 500 of the best known and most faithful of the reformers, the english puritans, the scottish covenanters, the martyrs amongst the Hugenots/the Waldenses/the Lollards, and other beloved brothers. Amongst the audience will be beloved brothers like Waldo, Whycliffe, Tyndale, Luther, Calvin, Knox, Perkins, Owen, Manton, Boston, Ralph Erskine, Ebenezer Erskine, and also from earlier years beloved brothers like Augustine, Polycarp, and Chrysostomos.
@@ The problem here is that my personal opinion means nothing, but let Paul Washer and Mr. Noblit with their nice suits, nice watches, nice church, nice worship, nice family, nice travels around the world, nice network of flatterers, defend their position against those who have been persecuted, killed, burned, slandered, and excommunicated by THE Antichrist in Rome and his antichristian church.
@@ I would like to suggest you also get up on the stage and with Paul and Jeff defend what you write in this message. After you have done this you three can defend to this public of beloved and faithful brethren how it can be that a so called church in the state of the 10 indictments after 20 years of the work of the network of flatterers (for example T4G, the gospelcoalition) still can continue without executing mass laying off of the clergy who have been responsible for the leadership all these years.

Is Rome wrong? Absolutely. Is the pope the AntiChrist? Couldn’t tell you.
@@ Don’t tell that to me, Sir, tell that to all the brothers and sisters in heaven who have given their lives because of the witness against THE antichrist in Rome, being persecuted and hunted to the death by Rome.
By your answer here you show that you neither know your bible nor churchhistory. The Holy Spirit in the Reformation made it clear that the Harlot of Rome had at its head THE antichrist depicted in 2Thess2. If you know it better than the reformers, the english puritans, the scottish covenanters, and beloved brothers like Waldo, Whycliff, Tyndale, and Spurgeon, you show you sit on a very high horse when it comes to your own personal opinion and ability to understand Scripture !

You should refrain from trolling around and spamming your largely unsubstantiated claims against Paul Washer.
@@ The more time elapses the more evidence is added to all the proof of each 25 points I already have. Paul Washer again will connect himself in 2009 (as all goes as planned) with Arjan Baan of, by doing this Paul Washer will be connecting himself again (after being warned extensively with proof) to all superficial, hypocritical, worldly false christianity has to offer in the Netherlands, Joining those who in themselves keep on retaining the witness that calvinism is a complete error and Luther a heretic. By joining again with them Paul Washer has made a very clear choise where he stands.

Paul is a brother in Christ and if you are too, you should know better than acting the way you are acting.
@@ Paul is NOT my brother, by joining again in the Netherlands, he is PUBLICLY showing that he is a hypocrite and an enemy of Christ ! For those he is joining with have rejected the true doctrine of the Gospel, rejected the old paths allthough, and have turned the Grace of God into lasciviousness in order to gain a title, a carreer, and a worldly life under a cloak of godliness. The priest is known by the people he serves.

There are much heretical ideas in Christendom to expend your energy combating.
@@ If this is the only thing you can say against my protest, there is not much light and knowledge of Christ in the upperroom of your mind ! You should be ashamed, however I wonder if diehard fans of Paul Washer know what shame is, as they swallow his hypocrisy as if it is the best food they have. Hypocrisy and pride are abomination to God. The circles Paul Washer is again (after warnings) in the Netherlands in 2009 are known for their pride, ignorance, hypocrisy, and worldly living. Is this also your christianity, Sir ? Shame on you !


11 knightofgod September 17, 2009 at 12:49 pm

First of all, i just want to inform you that the current Pope is clearly an anti christ.. any pastor who is PRO New World Order is fake.. Especially in America where the New World Order Lives.. Any pastor that is PRO Government is a fake.. I’m not sure with Paul Washer, it seems that he is a pro government.. but if he really is.. then he is also a big FAKE!.. if you don’t believe me.. Go ahead take your H1N1 lethal vaccine and obey the Government..


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