Describing the Rejoicing of the Heart

The precepts of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart.
(Psalm 19:8a, ESV)

Last night in men’s Bible study we used this verse in part of the lesson. One of the things our teacher asked us is to explain what it is for God’s word and the gospel to rejoice the heart. Several of us tried to describe the rejoicing with words such as:

  • joy
  • joyful
  • carefree
  • burden-less
  • free
  • worry-free

It seems that such rejoicing can be difficult to describe or explain. Yet, it’s not difficult to experience when the gospel first changes your life and continues to change your life. And how daily prayer and Scripture reading continues to rejoice the heart. There’s also that experience of rejoicing the heart that comes when God brings us back after we’ve been neglecting Him. We turn back to a regular habit of confession, prayer and Scripture reading that reminds us of just how joyless we’ve been.

I still find rejoicing a little difficult to describe. However, I thought flying in an airliner when major turbulence strikes. Your at about 30,000 feet flying 600 MPH or so and suddenly your whole body is jarred. Your tossed a little from side to side as the plane’s wing move slowly like a huge rocking chair. You don’t need to check your pulse because you know it’s off the chart. Everything you’ve ever done and said goes through your mind. Everything you’ve ever wanted to do and say goes through your mind. You just hold on and pray. And you pray some more.

You land safely and there is an overwhelming sense of thankfulness – a rejoicing!

The rejoicing is not just internal. You’re going to tell people how terrible your flight was, how great if felt to land and how you wanted to kiss the ground.

And I think: Shouldn’t I…we…Christians rejoice in Jesus in the same way?

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