Did Mark Richt Make Me A Dawgs Fan?

Being a graduate of Georgia Southern University (GSU) hasn’t really influenced me to be a Georgia Bulldogs (UGA) fan. I was actually not a fan for a few years after I got to see how poorly Dawg fans treated GA Southern fans when played against each other. See, UGA and GSU play each other every four years in what is essentially a money game. GSU is a smaller school and so UGA is expected to win, but a lot of money is raised and the smaller school gets larger than normal exposure.

At the game I attended you would have thought that GSU was UGA’s ultimate nemesis based on fan reaction and attitude.

Anyway, Mark Richt may have changed my thinking about being a Dawg fan. Not because of his excellent first name, but because we are both fans, or followers I should say, of Jesus Christ. I knew this about Richt, but he recently did something out of personal conviction that was Kingdom minded.

Richt sold his second home, a ~$2million lake home.

Chip Towers writing for the AJC has the story – Mark Richt says decision to sell Lake Hartwell property was Christian motivated

“Within the last year, I read this book, “The Hole in Our Gospel,” written by Richard Stearns. He’s the president of World Vision, U.S. I think people understand who World Vision is but, basically, they help the poor. Through their organization, you can help children, you can help build wells, you can buy them donkeys, whatever people need. World Vision helps people across the world. Well, anyway, there was a lot of statistical data in there about the amount of people that live on a dollar a day around this world. Billions of people. So I’m reading this book and it really affected me. It helped me realize that what we have is way more than we need and that our ability to give is hindered by this property. I guess that’s the best way to tell you. We just wanted to be in a better position to give and bless people that don’t have anything. We felt like this was one way to be able to do that.”

Check out the AJC article and read the other encouraging quotes by Richt. It is nice to see a celebrity of sorts not be afraid to let his Christian convictions be known and even more so the actions behind those convictions.

So am I now a Bulldogs fan? I’ll think about it, but I certainly appreciate Mark Richt more.

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1 Matt Svoboda June 1, 2011 at 1:26 pm

He is also one of the few ethical coaches in the SEC. He has been very outspoken about some SEC teams unethical practice of oversigning. The more I pay attention to Mark Richt the more I love and respect the guy. Its nice to see consistent, christian behavior from a guy that gets so much press.

2 aaron June 1, 2011 at 2:27 pm

gooooooooooooo dawgs sic em. His wife is a class act as well.


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