Discipleship Through Judgement

Look at the word discipleship. There within it is the word disciple, which is obviously related to the word discipline. In view of the next section on corrective church discipline, I would point out that discipleship is the other side of the coin—it is formative church discipline. These words, discipleship/discipline/ disciple, all connote ideas of training, and all training sometimes feels like punishment (cf. Heb. 12:7–11). The training in view here involves being taught to obey everything Jesus commanded. The commands of Jesus 4 often go against our instincts, impulses, inclinations, and desires. Sometimes they seem to make no sense. Embracing the center of biblical theology as a disciple of Jesus means recognizing that we are on a lifelong pilgrimage whose starting point was a moment of salvation through judgment for God’s glory, and the pattern of growth will be the same. We will be saved through the judgment of our pride for God’s glory. We will be saved through the judgment of our fleshly desires that we might walk in holiness to honor God. We will be saved through the judgment of our selfishness so that we can be selfless like Jesus so that God will be glorified. We will be saved through the judgment of our greed, of our trust in money, of our self-reliance, of our sloth, of our anger, of our gluttony, and of our envy, all so that we can know God’s abundant provision so that he will be glorified as the one who can supply every need, who can avenge every wrong, who can satisfy our longings, and who is worthy of full devotion. God will be glorified in salvation through judgment as disciples of Jesus continue on the pilgrim pathway.1


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