Ethics: Asked to Start a ‘Celebration Creation Ministry’

What would you do Wednesday!

You desire to get more involved in the ministries of our church. You want to help – to serve more. In your desire as a faithful member, you set a meeting with one of your pastors.

At the meeting, you ask where the church can most use your service. You tell him you’re ready to help in any place, but especially those areas where the need is high. Your pastor says he has just the place for you. You would be a perfect fit. You pastor explains that leadership has been putting together a new ministry. A ministry to help facilitate church growth.

He tells you they are planning to start the “Celebration Creation Ministry.” They are looking for people to serve in this new ministry. You were one of the first people considered to be part of the first ministry team.

So you ask what the Celebration Creation Ministry does. He replies:

We want people to have a greater worship experience, especially, during invitations and baptisms. You’re team will have two primary tasks when we call people forward to believe the gospel or call for baptisms. We want you and your team to encourage people come forward in these two ways:
1) Spread your team out in the pews and begin moving forward when a call is given.
2) Move intentionally taking
the longest walk using the highest visibility areas.

What would you do?

  • Help with the new ministry team; the church needs me.
  • Politely decline and ask for another opportunity.
  • Ask if this ministry can be brought before the church for biblical discussion.
  • Discuss the new ministry and your future in this church with our pastor.
  • Decline and wait for the ministry to start so you can stand up and point out the team.
  • Or…

Here I blog…


p.s. This post is based on a true story as reported here: How Elevation Church, Pastor Furtick produce ‘spontaneous’ baptisms.

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1 rhology February 19, 2014 at 1:24 pm

Ask if this ministry can be brought before the church for biblical discussion.
As a prelude to calling to repentance those who thought it is a good idea. Blech.


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