Ethics: Christian Architect Asked to Build Mosque

What would you do Wednesday!

A fellow church member comes to you for advice. He is faced with a work place dilemma. In fact, he may be faced with a career impacting decision.

He is an architect and his company recently assigned him as the lead architect on a large project. It is a $10 million project.

He has been assigned as the lead architect to build a Mosque!

The area has a growing Muslim population so they need a larger Mosque to accommodate their growth. So your friend’s firm was hired and he does not feel right building a place of worship where Jesus and the gospel are denied as the way of salvation. His conscience bothers him that he is being asked to build a place of worship for Allah as opposed to Yahweh and His Son.

He is afraid if he rejects the offer to work on the Mosque that he could lose his job. Or, he may not get the lead on another project as large as the Mosque. And if he declines building the Mosque and must find a new employer, he fears that he may be branded in his field making it difficult to find a new employer.

How would advise him?

  • Build the Mosque (it is just business).
  • Decline the position.
  • Build the Mosque and try to share the gospel with Muslims.
  • Decline the position and start his own firm.
  • Or….

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1 rhology February 5, 2014 at 10:46 am

I’d build it and share the gospel with Muslims.
I think.

Now, if it were an LDS temple, or worse yet, a branch of The Potter’s House, my answer would be different.

2 Mark Lamprecht February 5, 2014 at 10:53 am

Building a place of worship for a false god is just that regardless of the group. Interesting answer.


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