Ethics: Christian Assigned to Sell Pro-Gay Marriage Apparel

What would you do Wednesday!

Today, I want to think about Christians who are in compromising situations in their employment.

The scenario is that you, a Christian, are working full-time at a local department store. The store is a large, national chain. You have been working there for six months enjoying the job so far. The job has benefits and flexibility.

In fact, the manager knows you are a Christian who attends church on Sundays. When you were hired the manager agreed to give you Sundays off so you could worship and be with your family.

Recent news named your employer as one of the national stores that will begin selling apparel promoting gay, or same-sex, marriage. Two weeks after the story broke on several news outlets, your store brought in a shipment of said apparel with a full display to market the clothing.

The pro-gay marriage clothing ends up in the area of the store for which you are responsible. Your manager has assigned you to keep track of the inventory, to promote, and to help sell the new apparel face-to-face with customers.

Your pastor has taught against same-sex marriage from the pulpit and you have done as much in Sunday School.

What would you do?

  • Do the job, it’s just a job.
  • Do the job because you need the money and benefits.
  • Do the job and share the gospel with the customers.
  • Ask to get moved to another part of the store.
  • Resign immediately explaining why to your manager.
  • Or…

Here I blog…


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