Ethics: Christmas Gift for Wife or Give to Family in Need?

What would you do Wednesday!

Christmas is here once again. It is a great time to receive and, especially, give gifts. As much as you would like to get all of your loved ones everything they ask for, there is never enough money for everything. (And everyone probably does not need everything they ask for!)

As a husband who cares for and loves his wife very much, you really wanted to give her something special this year. It has been a trying year for her, especially, with the miscarriage back in May. In fact, May is when you started slowly saving to buy your wife a day of special treatment at the spa. You would save one dollar here and there along with every bit of change you could find putting in a secret container.

By December 15th, you exchanged all your collected savings into larger bills to find that you had saved $150. The amount saved is just enough to get your wife a full day at the spa including hair, nails, massage, etc. You planned to surprise her with the spa package since the general Christmas budget has been spent so she won’t be expecting the surprise gift.

It’s Sunday morning. While sitting in Sunday school, an announcement is made to the class that a family in class is not doing so well financially this year. The teacher just learned about the family’s needs and asked the class if they could help. The family was too embarrassed to say anything about their needs, but now their electric bill payment is late. The family also does not have any resources to give their two children, ages 6 and 8, any Christmas presents.

You have the $150 in your wallet because you were going to buy the surprise Christmas gift spa package for your wife on Monday.

What would you do?
(All perspectives welcome, husbands, wives, etc.)

  • Quickly explain the money to your wife and give it to the family.
  • Explain the money to your wife and tell her you need to pray about it.
  • Pray for the family, but give your wife the gift because she deserves it.
  • Give the family some of the money and get your wife a smaller spa package.
  • Stand up and boast to everyone why you saved the money and extol how great you are for giving it away.
  • Or….

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