Ethics: Customer Requests White Delivery Driver

What would you do Wednesday!

For today’s scenario, you are middle management at a home improvement store. In your position, you are responsible for several stores in the district. The store managers in that district answer to you.

A customer calls and places an order for $1,000 worth of flooring. The store manager gets called to the flooring department by the employee taking the order because the customer has an unusual request. The customer demands that a white driver deliver her order to her home.

He explains to the customer that her request is discriminatory and he very uncomfortable with it. She claims that since she is spending $1,000 and has spent much more at this store in the past, she has a right to ask for a white driver.

The manager has to make a decision on the spot. He decides against his better judgment to send a white driver this time to keep the business. He tells the customer this will be the first and last time he honors such a request. (Especially, since the order was already on the truck and ready to go.)

A complaint about the manager’s decision comes to your office through a local news reporter. The reporter was alerted to the situation and covered the story in a recent broadcast.

Many are calling for the manager to be fired while others are defending his one-time decision.

What would you do?

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p.s. Sadly, today’s situation is based on a real story where a Lowe’s customer requested a white delivery driver after the black driver showed up at her house with the delivery. The manager no longer works at Lowe’s.

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1 Grant August 12, 2015 at 3:22 pm

I would tell the customer that they will get the driver that’s available. What are they going to do?

Tell? “They refused to pander to my racism!” They won’t get sympathy from anyone, really.

Take their business elsewhere? Then you can say you’ll be able to tell which of your competitors are staffed by racists…

I would like the opportunity to speak with this person outside of this situation to determine the cause of their racism, and remind them that the Image of God means that “the ground is level at the foot of the cross.” But in the situation it might only complicate the matter and draw the negative attention away from where it should be: on this person’s discrimination.

2 jeriwho August 12, 2015 at 10:42 pm

I think the driver’s partner handled it perfectly: refusing to go along with a racist decision by his manager because “It’s just not right.” You don’t need any better reasoning than that in such an obvious situation.


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