Ethics: Finding An Envelope Full of Cash!

What would you do Wednesday!

Pamela North Holloway, a part-time Atlanta airport employee, recently founds an envelope stuffed with $7,000.1 Holloway’s story is the inspiration for today’s scenario.

You work part-time, unable to find a full-time job yet. Monthly bills are piling up. Most of them going on two months late. This is the first month that your mortgage may be late.

Though money has been tight, it is really only the last few months that have set you back. Unexpected car repairs, a higher than normal gas bill, gasoline prices and the like have been your nemesis. You haven’t even been able to tithe!

But you keep praying. Asking God, trusting God will provide as He always has.

While at work you find an envelope. As you pick it up to throw it away you discover there is something inside – cash! A quick look around for the owner is a dead end. In fact, there is no one else around you. Not one single person is in the vicinity; no one saw you pick up the envelope.

Counting the money twice yields the same figure: $7,000! Is this money an answer to prayer?

What would you do?

  • Turn the money in.
  • Keep the money and tithe on it.
  • Take some of the money and turn the rest in.
  • Take some of the money and leave the rest where someone can find it.
  • Spend all of it on lottery tickets since it’s been such a lucky day.
  • Or…
  1. Airport worker finds $7,000 in cash, turns it in. March 6, 2012.

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1 Bennett Willis March 6, 2013 at 3:34 pm

Generally the rules of “turn it in” are that you get the envelope if no one makes a credible claim. So turn it in and pray that no one claims it. 🙂

2 Mark March 6, 2013 at 4:23 pm

Yeah, that’s the hope. I know this seems like such a simple question, but I’m sure some temptation must creep in. I don’t really expect someone who would keep the money to comment here. 🙂


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