Ethics: Illegal Alien Considers having a Baby to Stay in the U.S.

What would you do Wednesday!

You begin a conversation with an acquaintance of yours after worship service one Sunday morning. The lady has only been attending for a couple of months so you don’t really know her very well though you have talked to her on occasion.

Even though you know you don’t know each other well there’s a certain level of trust that she has for you. She tells you that she enjoys coming to this church because the people have always been friendly and come across as non-judgmental. But she doesn’t really know anyone.

Noticing she is upset, you ask if everything is okay. She asks if she can confide in you about a decision she is struggling with. She explains that her cousin was recently arrested and is not set to be deported. He is in the United States illegally.

She then admits to you that she is also in the U.S. illegally and is afraid law enforcement will find out about her through her cousin. She loves America and wants to stay here.

Not sure what to do next, she tells you that she is thinking of having a baby so her child can be born in America. That way, she thinks, is her best chance of staying here and not worrying about deportation.

She asks you if she should go forward and attempt to have a child on U.S. soil.

At this point, you are not sure if the lady is married or not. She is upset so you are not sure what to say next. However, she is waiting for your advice.

How would you advise her?

  • There is a legal process and you’ll find support and legal help.
  • There are others ways and this is the wrong reason to have/use a baby.
  • Seek other options first, but go through with pregnancy as the last option.
  • Seek other options first, but it may be best she obey the law and return home.
  • Or…give your advice below.

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1 Cathy M January 22, 2014 at 5:14 pm

If she’s an unmarried unbeliever, I’d do my best to explain the Gospel of salvation; if she’s an unmarried believer, we’d have a hard discussion about Christ’s Lordship.  If She’s a married believer I’d encourage her to exhaust her other options, but if she starts her family under those circumstance that’s her choice.


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