Ethics: Paralyzed Christian Wants to Die

What would you do Wednesday!

This situation is inspired by the tragic situation of Grace Sung Eun Lee, a 28 year old paralyzed Christian, who is ready to die.1 Her parents believe removing the breathing and feeding tubes would be suicide sending her straight to hell.

Today’s situation will be slightly different than Lee’s, very sad, real life situation.

Six months ago a 30 year old friend was paralyzed. Your friend has been in the hospital for the last six months and is kept alive by breathing and feeding tubes. You visited your friend frequently for encouragement and prayer.

Your friend’s outlook on life drastically changes on your latest visit.

While visiting your friend says, “I want to die.” Your friend no longer wants to live in a bed sustained by breathing and feeding tubes. The friend explains that he believes the gospel and is assured he will go home to be with Jesus upon death. He said that God will understand that he does not want to live like this for who knows how many years.

Your friend is ready to remove the tubes.

How would you advise your friend?

  • Affirm his desires since it is his life and he is a Christian.
  • Agree to disagree and say no more.
  • Empathize, but try to talk him out of it and encourage him to be a gospel witness.
  • Or…

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