Ethics: Pastor Flies Confederate Flag on Church Grounds

What would you do Wednesday!

The recent racist and tragic killing of 9 African Americans by a white man at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston has brought up a national debate over states flying a Confederate flag. Emotions run high on all sides of the Confederate flag debate.

What would you do if, upon arriving at church Sunday morning, you noticed a Confederate flag hanging from a wall-mount at the corner of the front of the church? Then, you notice your pastor standing at the front doors so you ask him about the flag. He asks that you wait for him to explain during announcements at the opening of service.

Service begins and your pastor steps up to the podium for announcements. He is aware that most everyone is wondering about the Confederate flag. He begins with a prayer for grace, unity, and understanding.

He then explains why he put the Confederate flag on the church building. The church is in the South and has 150 years of Southern history and heritage. Personally, he is a descendant of Confederate soldiers. He believes a proper view of Confederate history will help people understand there is nothing to be offended about.

He aims to educate people that the Civil War was over state’s rights, not slavery. In fact, a lot of great theologians, though wrong on race, came out of the South during that time. So, he hopes the flag will cause people to ask questions, unite people around historical the truth, and, therefore, hold no offense.

What would you do?

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