Ethics: School Serves Watermelon for Black History Month

What would you do Wednesday!

In the United States, Black History Month is observed in February – this month. The month is observed in various ways. Sometimes the so-called observance is offensive, even racist. The offence is even carried out in public schools. For example, School sorry for Black History lunch menu of watermelon, fried chicken.

Today, I’d like to ask what you would do if your child’s school planned to “observed” Black History Month by putting watermelon on the lunch menu.

Your child comes home with a flyer about Black History Month (BHM). The flyer was given out last week, but like many kids, yours was about five days late giving it to you.

The flyer explains the reason behind BHM. It also lists many achievements of Black Americans. There is even going to be a special lecture to observe these achievements which all students will attend.

Then you notice a menu tucked in at the bottom of the flyer. For the next three days, school lunch will include watermelon to help observe BHM.

What would you do?
(Also, if you are a Christian homeschooling parent whose neighbor was affected, how would you respond as a tax-payer to the public school system?)

  • Let the school do as they will (they must know best).
  • Protest, keep your kid home, and hold all you can accountable.
  • File hate crime charges against the school system.
  • For homeschoolers: pray with the parents and encourage them to home-school.
  • For homseschoolers: offer to help anyway you can to hold people accountable.
  • Or…

Here I blog…


p.s. It breaks my heart that this post is based on a true story.

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1 nickvahalik February 14, 2014 at 9:44 am

Watermelon is tasty and should be on the menu more often… I’m not sure I find it all that offensive considering that choice of fruit to accompany a meal is probably the smallest issue facing black Americans today.

But perhaps it’s different in other southern states?

2 Mark Lamprecht February 14, 2014 at 10:35 am

Watermelon is good and maybe it should regularly be on school menus. But think about your comment for a moment. It is not that watermelon is a problem facing the black community; it’s not. The problem with serving watermelon (or any other food stereotyped as being for black people) is that it perpetuates a stereotype and builds off past American racism. And many of us would say that racism isn’t so past.


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