Ethics: Son’s Scoutmaster Comes Out as Gay

What would you do Wednesday!

Last year, the Boy Scouts lifted a ban on openly gay youth allowing them to participate in their organization. However, there is still a ban on openly gay scoutmasters. At least one scoutmaster has recently come out revealing his homosexuality. The sponsoring church were this scoutmaster serves is standing by him causing the Boy Scouts to revoked their charter.

Today’s scenario deals with the situation where your son’s scoutmaster reveals he is a homosexual.

A little over a year ago, your son got a new scoutmaster. He’s been a great scoutmaster for the troop. The kids love him and the troop has grown during his leadership.

Then one day you get a nice looking envelope from the scoutmaster. Upon opening the envelope you realize it is a very well done wedding invitation. The invitation reveals the wedding will be held in another state. So you read further….

You then notice the name of the person whom the scoutmaster is to marry. The other name, Steve, is unmistakably a man’s name. A note within the invitation reads:

We plan to marry in Washington, DC where our marriage will be legally recognized. Our prayer is that one day soon our marriage will be recognized in our own and all states. Thank you for your support. Please come celebrate with us!

What would you do?

  • Support their love and attend wedding.
  • Ignore the invitation and go on as usual.
  • Attend the wedding and go on as usual.
  • Report the scoutmaster for policy violation.
  • Report the scoutmaster and pull your son out until the scoutmaster is removed.
  • Or…

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1 nickvahalik February 4, 2015 at 7:19 am

Given that most boy scout troops are part of churches, I’d probably say that this wouldn’t fly and wouldn’t really happen.

But if I had to make a choice between no scouts or scouts with an openly homosexual leader, I’d probably take my son out of there. If it’s actually important for my son to get those skills and memories, it’s my job as his dad to make sure he gets them and depending on the Scouts for that just doesn’t fly.


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